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Network & Wi-Fi

Demands on Wi-Fi networks have grown steadily for the past two decades. Its ubiquity and ability to complement other wireless technologies in the age of IoT is the key to connecting everyone and everything, everywhere. Any migration to the cloud or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will require a robust, high-bandwidth, available network. What’s more, as public and private companies have grown to accommodate an evolving hybrid workforce, there has been unforeseen strain on all networking technologies, causing sizable bandwidth and security concerns. 

Align has 25+ years of experience installing reliable, high-performance networks that are appropriate to your current workflow and ready for future upgrades and expansions.

We build wireless networks based on signal and channel strengths from 2.4GHz - 6eGHz frequencies.


Small Cell & DAS

Ensure seamless mobile coverage for a productive and connected workforce with Small Cell & Distributed Antenna System (DAS) technology. In some areas, traditional cell towers might not be enough to handle the ever-growing demand for mobile connectivity. If that's the case, Align's experts can help to consult on Small Cell & DAS technologies that will improve mobile signal strength and capacity. 

Investing in Small Cell or DAS technology creates a future-proof workplace that fosters a productive workforce.

Services Include

  • Assessment & survey
  • Design & deployment
  • Integration of IT, AV & security 
  • AV streaming, including broadcast video
  • PoE implementation

IoT Sensors
  • Lighting controls
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Air quality sensors 
  • Noise sensors & sound masking
  • Audio-visual
  • Predictive design
  • Pre & post physical site surveys
  • Discovery
  • Health surveys

Small Cell / DAS 
  • Needs assessment & planning
  • Network layout design 
  • Deployment & installation
  • Testing & optimisation 
October 26, 2022

DAS and Small Cell in London: Can You Hear Me Now?

As mobile signal reception becomes more and more patchy in London, office workers are finding themselves struggling to stay connected. With so many tall buildings and new construction materials, it's becoming increasingly difficult for cellular signals to penetrate inside. That's why an increasing number of businesses are turning to Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) or small cells to bring the mobile network signal closer to end users.

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“Align is our trusted provider for all our Managed Services and cybersecurity needs. They provide us best-in-class IT services that not only help drive productivity and growth, but ensure we meet both current and evolving compliance and security requirements with ease. As consultants to financial advisors, trust and reliability are indispensable to our operations, which is why we never hesitate to refer Align to our very own client base. Align isn’t just our partner, they are an extension of our team. We look forward to entrusting them with our IT infrastructure for years to come.”

Ed Fasano - Experienced Advisory Consultants LLC