May 20 2019

Special Report: Hedgeweek Global Awards 2019

In this exclusive Hedgeweek feature, John Araneo, Managing Director and General Counsel of Align, highlights the company's robust public cloud offering that integrates elegantly and efficiently with their cybersecurity team. Araneo also discusses the increased adoption rate of the public cloud ...

May 20 2019

Align Featured in Hedgeweek, Named Best Global Cybersecurity Provider for Hedge Funds

Align has been named Best Global Cyber-Security Services Provider for hedge funds in the 2019 Hedgeweek Global Awards. Access the press release on Hedgeweek's site here.

Mar 15 2019

Align Featured in FundFire- Hedge Funds Face Wide Risk on Phishing, False Wire Payments

The following excerpt originally appeared in FundFire and was written by Lydia Tomkiw.  In this exclusive interview with FundFire, Vinod Paul, Chief Operating Officer of Align, and John Araneo, Managing Director, Align Cybersecurity, and General Counsel of Align, discuss the most significant cloud ...

Jan 08 2019

Align Article Featured in HFM Global - Forecast: Cloudy, for the Foreseeable Future

In this exclusive HFM Global feature, John Araneo and Vinod Paul, of Align, highlight the numerous public cloud benefits that are motivating more forward-thinking investment firms to migrate to the public cloud.