LORCA Cyber Workshop: Securing Today's Hybrid Infrastructure

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Today’s hybrid infrastructure is driven by the rapid shift from on-premise applications to SaaS and cloud environments. Interconnecting and securing these new environments has proven to be complex and expensive and it requires a large number of security products. 

Align’s Chief Information Security Office Alex Bazay joined LORCA Cyber for a virtual workshop focused on best practices for securing today’s hybrid infrastructure. Read on for a brief roundup of some of the more salient points from today's workshop:  

Key Takeaways

1. Security requirements have changed in nature as the world shifts toward hybrid infrastructure. 

  • As entire workforces move to a remote model, homes have become a huge attack surface for vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks.  
  • We have moved from a network-centric model to a user-centric and data-centric models, which now require safe access from anywhere at any time.  
  • How do we trust networks we don’t have visibility or control over, and which may be hosted on different clouds environments? 

2. To implement a hybrid infrastructure, it is essential to simplify the security environment.  

  • We are seeing a host of security products coming on the market that play well into this model; concurrently, threats are changing on a daily basis. 
  • Too many security tools require additional skillsets, investments and onboarding.  
  • The public cloud brings the opportunity for companies both large and small to simplify their security model. 

3. There is no one-size-fits-all security solution.  

  • Security companies either attempt to be the catch-all or provide a product for every single problem. 
  • Companies must first understand their risk profiles to assess what products will work best in their security ecosystem and to ensure the tools they choose work together. 
  • As a result, many companies will move from individual providers to more integrated providers. 

4. Both identity and visibility are required to secure an environment.  

  • Security requires more than verifying a user and a user’s machine. Identity is important, but without inline security, it can produce further problems.  
  • This means companies need the identity of all components in the network and the visibility to accurately monitor the network.  
  • With proper identity and visibility, companies can provide the optimal policy on what people can and should be doing in their network.  


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