May 15, 2018

Is Your Cybersecurity Strategy Increasing Your Risk Exposure?

by: Katie Sloane

Comprehensive cybersecurity involves a multifaceted, multi-disciplinary approach. There are a lot of moving parts and constantly-changing threats, meaning a coordinated and agile approach is essential.

With so many different threat vectors, it also means that your weakest link anywhere along the chain can undermine or even sabotage the best-laid plans. If you’re unsure about the strength of your cybersecurity strategy—especially if you’ve been doing it alone thus far—these important considerations could help you to identify critical threats and decrease exposure. 

Cybersecurity Expertise Demands Top Talent

New threats are emerging every day, and the number of unfilled cybersecurity roles is predicted to reach into the millions over the next few years, owing to an explosive demand for personnel to address the continuously-evolving landscape. Allocating internal staff to handle cybersecurity—either in place of or in addition to their existing responsibilities—can introduce unforeseen gaps and risks in core processes.

When multiple staff members are rerouted without adequately accounting for changes in resource distribution, the entire company suffers; a thinly-stretched IT team is by no means an effective one. When revamping or elevating an internal cybersecurity program, consider employing a third-party provider to customize your cybersecurity solution to suit your organization.

Outsourcing cybersecurity to a reputable Cybersecurity Advisory Practice provides you with access to subject matter expertise and resources that otherwise might not be available. Additionally, an award-winning cybersecurity risk management solution can give your business a competitive advantage and take away the daily headaches of managing this function internally. 

A Multi-Vendor Approach Sometimes Does More Harm Than Good

For many businesses, implementing a cybersecurity strategy has involved more moving parts than ever, requiring both legal and technical expertise. In their 2018 Annual Risk Report, Cisco found that the share of security professionals using 11-20 and 21-50 vendors has increased to 25% and 16% of all professionals, respectively. Strategies that involve a substantial number of vendors can bring diverse and top-tier levels of performance but can also introduce an unwelcome web of logistical issues. A complex, multi-vendor strategy increases the risk for errors, and holes in interoperability and coordination.

Avoid frustration by working with a provider that offers a comprehensive solution and third party management. An experienced IT partner with a layered security portfolio may provide services to oversee vendor management processes and review vendor agreements to ensure compliance with your company's cybersecurity program. 

Cybersecurity Is More Than Just IT

A cybersecurity strategy must, by design, include technology, but comprehensive defense doesn’t stop there. Attacks are more than just the result of external intrusion; internal errors and negligence also play a large role. Moreover, the ever-evolving landscape means that best practices and knowledge are in constant need of updating.

Approaching risk management with a “set it and forget it” attitude is a recipe for disaster. Firms need the best technology in conjunction with comprehensive and evolving education, security awareness training, policy and governance updates and auditable documentation, vulnerability assessments and more. These are all issues that concern multiple facets within a business; thus, in order to be effective, cybersecurity cannot afford to be siloed.   

Regulatory Scrutiny Isn’t Going Anywhere

With the date of enforcement for the GDPR only weeks away, the demand for regulatory compliance is swelling. With the threat of hefty fines that can total in the millions, abiding by cybersecurity regulations is more important than ever for companies looking to avoid legal repercussions. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, so too will the need for comprehensive preventive standards driven by new regulations on both local and international scopes. For companies without extensive resources to devote to compliance, keeping up with various standards internally can be a huge burden (and a huge risk).

Rather than overtax your business or jeopardize your bottom line, partner with a provider that is well-versed in the legal landscape of cybersecurity. Trusted, cyber-focused providers will keep abreast of the latest regulatory trends in order to serve all of their clients, and that same comprehensive knowledge can keep your company compliant.

The threat landscape means that there are many risks involved in building a cybersecurity strategy, but for savvy businesses able to keep up, the benefits are exponential. A well-constructed strategy minimizes the risk to assets, intellectual property and reputation, and protects your most vital and sensitive information.

Keeping your employees trained and well-informed makes everyone a stronger link in your line of defense, and empowers your people to keep the entire company safe. Cybersecurity is a worthy investment in the health and well-being of your company; making sure things are done right will keep that investment paying dividends well into the future.

Is your current cybersecurity strategy keeping you safe, or increasing your risk exposure? See how your current infrastructure stacks up with an assessment from the experts at Align. Align Cybersecurity™, the company's comprehensive cybersecurity solution, offers an unprecedented suite of Cybersecurity Compliance, Security Awareness Training and Risk Management services to our clients. Contact us today.

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