How to Select the Right Cloud Computing Provider for Your Business

by: Katie Sloane on Aug, 16, 2019 | 0 Comments
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Migrating to the cloud is a significant shift for any organization, and it unlocks success factors that aren't feasible with legacy technology or on-premise software. To ensure your firm experiences the full benefits of cloud computing, it's essential that you select the right cloud service provider that meets your unique business needs. 

We’ve put together some key attributes to help you navigate the evaluation phase and choose the right cloud computing provider for your company. 

Strong Partner Ecosystem

Partnerships afford a company the opportunity to expand and enhance the quality of their offerings and then share those benefits with their clients. When evaluating cloud computing providers, consider asking if they have established relationships with various partners, and if so, what they are. Can they refer you to reputable firms for solutions outside of their specialties? Furthermore, are they certified partners with recognized cloud giants? logo_web

Align, for example, is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), as well as an AWS Select Consulting Partner. From industry-specific solutions to enhanced IT infrastructure, Align seeks out and partners with the best and brightest in key sectors to pass on that same excellence to our customers.

Product Innovations and Service Enhancements

What investments has the company made in its cloud offering? Organizations that continuously invest in and expand the depth of their service offerings and business partnerships display a dedication to providing the best solutions in the industry. Furthermore, it shows their commitment to evolving their services to meet the changing needs of their clients.

If your CSP doesn’t perform updates or enhance their offerings, there’s a good chance you will eventually be sitting on legacy technology which poses various dangers to your business. From hindering business growth to increasing your risk exposure, antiquated technologies and solutions are a nightmare for companies and thus a route you do not want to venture down.

Unique Subject Matter Expertise

Hedge fund operations have become more concerned than ever with cybersecurity in response to market concerns about data security due to massive breaches, as well as evolving regulations set to change the way many businesses operate with regards to sensitive data.

A cloud consultant should equip you with an elite team of experts with decades of experience and deep intelligence that would otherwise be inaccessible. During the consideration phase, inquire about the company’s team and what unique subject matter expertise they have. Aside from cloud computing, are they qualified and knowledgeable in emerging legal and regulatory requirements, hedge fund operational standards, compliance and law? What about data protection, cybersecurity and investor pressures?

The investment landscape is fraught with shifting expectations, increasing demands and new regulations. Having access to a distinguished team of industry veterans that specialize in these areas will prove invaluable to your business, empowering your company to achieve and maintain compliance, reduce complexities and remain at the forefront of regulatory developments.

Built-In Cybersecurity

Investor expectations and evolving regulations make the process of cybersecurity due diligence more arduous than ever before, affecting processes across multiple departments within a business. Any viable cloud solution must be multifaceted and dynamic, incorporating layers of cybersecurity.

Most service providers offer siloed solutions to specific aspects of cybersecurity, leaving the assembling of services to often ill-equipped business leaders. Look for a cloud services provider that eliminates this confusion by delivering revolutionary, holistic solutions for their clients. Ask cloud consultants what services they have around network monitoring, security, information protection, cybersecurity education and data protection. 


It’s easy to grow overwhelmed by the crowded pool of providers and navigating each company's various solutions. However, you can't allow the process to intimidate you. When you’re starting the evaluation phase, keep these attributes top of mind. Finding the right cloud computing provider will reduce complexities, accelerate performance and overall, unlock numerous benefits that can skyrocket your business.

For information about Align’s Managed IT Stack, check out some of our solutions and services below, or contact one of our cloud specialists.


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