January 31, 2024

Align's Guide to Effortless Efficiency with Copilot

by: Align

Align recently announced the inclusion of Microsoft 365 Copilot with its Managed Services portfolio. The AI companion is made to streamline daily activities, thereby enabling productivity for Align’s Managed Services clients. Copilot offers real-time collaboration on documents and projects, enhanced communication for remote teams, robust security features, and a seamless integration within Microsoft 365. But how exactly does it help you? In our new Copilot Guide blog series, we will go in-depth on the best tips and tricks to make your days easier with your new favorite AI.

To start, let’s go over Copilot’s basic functionality across Microsoft 365 Applications.

Microsoft Teams

In Teams, Copilot can be used to transcribe meetings, take notes, and create action items, among other management activities. Now, you can pay attention to the discussion instead of frantically taking notes throughout the meeting. All the resources are available afterwards in the Recap tab.

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Microsoft Outlook

It’s easy for your inbox to get overwhelming. But Copilot can summarize long emails, draft an email based on a brief prompt, or even analyze your content for tone, clarity, and reader sentiment. Get through your unread emails faster and even find a less sassy way to say “per my last email”!

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Microsoft Word

Writers block? Let Copilot be your muse with generated content based on your prompts to help you write, inspire your ideas, and build upon what you’ve already written. It can also analyze information from other documents and pull what’s relevant into your current version, and summarize multiple documents, among other formatting-related activities.

Click here to learn about Copilot for Microsoft Word.


Microsoft Excel

Excel can be challenging if you aren’t familiar with using it. But with Copilot, you can gain deeper insights into your data through summaries, data visualization, easy filtering and sorting, and formula generation. Explain what you need the data to do and show, and let Copilot do the rest!

Get tips and tricks for Copilot in Excel. 


Microsoft PowerPoint

Quick turnaround? Copilot can draft entire presentations for you based on your prompt and even incorporates your company’s unique branding. Or, if you’re a long-winded presenter, you can get a shortened or summarized version of what you have created and even ask it to restructure your slides.

Click to learn more about Copilot for PowerPoint. 


Microsoft 365 Chat

Much like some of the other AI companions you may have heard of already, you can type commands into a chat with Copilot to generate content, analyze information, and other activities to streamline your workday. But those other chat-based tools are limited in the sense that they can only use exactly what you put in the chat bar. With Copilot, you can ask it to draw information from multiple sources and even generate a whole new document for you.

Microsoft OneNote

For those of us that take TOO many notes on a call or in a meeting, Copilot can be your saving grace to help create comprehensive and easy to understand summaries, to do lists, and even plans for next steps.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Overall Copilot is an incredibly powerful tool that can make some of the most time consuming tasks into much more manageable undertakings. This allows your professionals to tackle more items in a single day, without getting caught up in the nuance of things like tricky nested Excel formulas, finnicky Word formats, or an overwhelming inbox after extended time off.

Get started today to unlock unmatched efficiency today with Copilot as a Managed Services client!

Learn more about Copilot here.

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