February 25, 2021

The Benefits of Digital Transformation

by: Katie Macdonald

Companies often find it difficult to abandon outdated IT strategies that were once successful. Keeping up with small-scale digital improvements can be a challenge, let alone massive upgrades to processes and entire technology environments.

The pandemic forced businesses to confront a new arsenal of digital tools (or lack thereof)—i.e. cloud technology—as they experienced a major workplace decentralization. According to Forrester, until now, only 15% of companies prioritized digital transformation, adding that in 2021, companies will double down on implementing technology into every part of their business. And, with global digital transformation spending expected to double from 2020 by 2023, it seems that many more are considering starting their own transformation journeys.

To understand why IT Transformation is critical for businesses to achieve a higher level of stability, visibility and control across their IT environments moving into 2021 and beyond, we’ve outlined a few of the key benefits below:

Benefits of IT Transformation:

1. Increased IT and operational optimization. 

As the number of digital products and services grows, simply modernizing front-end systems will not remedy the rising amount of IT projects businesses are forced to tackle—which are projected to grow by 40%. Digital transformation entails updating a technology ecosystem, which results in greater productivity, time-saving automations, reduced operations costs, and increased security across your IT infrastructure. This could also include implementing the cloud into critical business functions to enhance structures, procedures, workflow and collaboration.

And, while some of these updates can be managed in house, outsourcing IT services to a third-party expert will help guide your organization in the areas where you may not have expertise, while also saving exponentially on overall costs.

2. Enhanced flexibility and security within a decentralized workforce.

At the height of the lockdown, about 42% of the U.S. workforce was working full-time from home. Most companies will begin 2021 by employing a hybrid work model with a decentralized workplace and more full-time, remote employees—requiring more flexible access and secure collaboration a network’s IT systems.

Vinod Paul, Align’s Chief Operating Officer, remarks that, though the transition to a remote model was easier than anticipated, challenges remain: “These include being able to demonstrate how the now ubiquitous decentralized environments create an operationally sound and collaborative ‘virtual working environment.’ They also need to be appropriately layered with cybersecurity controls that now protect the endpoint, where the data now lives, as opposed to being previously domiciled on a centralized network.”

3. A more scalable, agile IT Infrastructure. 

In order to evolve alongside industry changes, your business demands flexible technology that is consistently secure, cost-effective, and unified. In addition to freeing organizations from legacy applications, cloud solutions offer unparalleled agility and scalability, enabling them to respond quickly to new or unforeseen challenges.

And beyond accommodating rapid changes, a hybrid cloud approach helps companies remove the risks of being single threaded to the public cloud. This results in more control over your IT infrastructure, as well as imperative disaster recovery relief.

The Align Transformation Solution

When it comes to transforming your IT, no path is the same. That’s why Align professionals leverage years of comprehensive IT expertise to carefully architect a roadmap to lead your digital transformation—from evaluating your current infrastructure to designing and implementing a hybrid IT strategy fit for your business.

Whether you need to modernize your workplace technology or data center, enhance IT operations with the cloud, or fully outsource your IT to our award-winning Managed Services Platform, Align will create a technology end-state tailored to your exact needs.

For more information, visit our website and begin your transformation today.

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