4 Reasons to Move to the Public Cloud

by: Align on Dec, 20, 2018


Some cloud providers put a strong emphasis on managing applications and data in the private cloud. While this type of cloud system offers flexibility and controlled security, it limits an organization's adoption for new platforms and emerging technologies needed to help businesses grow.

If your business is looking to innovate digitally, we've highlighted a few reasons why it's worth transitioning over to the public cloud.

1) More cost-effective

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Generally, public and hybrid cloud providers tend to have fewer expenses than private cloud deployments. The capital expenditures of servers, storage and networking that falls on the shoulders of private cloud providers drives up the costs for their customers. On the other hand, because public cloud service providers, such as Align, work in conjunction with cloud giants, like Microsoft Azure, customers are able to benefit from flexibility, resiliency and scalability without compromising on cost-savings. (For more information on cost-savings, reach out to a cloud specialist here.)

With a public cloud provider, businesses can shift their IT resources to other areas of the company, so that time, money and expertise are spent in areas that will help your organization grow. In addition, businesses can save money when purchasing software or applications on a pay-as-you-go method offered by public cloud service providers, increasing flexibility without inflating budgets. 

2) Improves customer experience 

The cloud has changed the way organizations have done businesses and interacted with their clients and customers. If your company is looking to improve the way it operates, then migrating applications and data to the public cloud can allow teams to support customers more effectively. Product information, customer or client records, and other data can be easily tracked and accessed in the cloud making it easier to communicate internally and pass on information to customers.

3) Increases employee productivity

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Cloud computing in public environments eliminates the need for internal IT teams to manage data centers, install new hardware, patch software and other daily chores, freeing up their time and bandwidth. Internal IT resources that once handled all of these tasks can now focus on other strategic projects that propel your business forward. Also, public cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure offer additional tools such as Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection, Teams and One Drive.

These tools allow teams to work collaboratively in secured network settings

4) Improves network security

One of the biggest myths is that public clouds are less secure than private clouds. Nowadays, public cloud providers have implemented new policies and technologies to protect your network applications and private data from potential cyber threats. Platforms like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services have built-in risk management features that help decrease risk exposure


If you’re looking to cut down costs, improve customer service, free up internal IT resources and improve your network security, then find a public cloud provider that can help your business grow and innovate. Align is a Microsoft Cloud Services Provider (CSP) that has extensive experience delivering the public cloud to customers.

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