July 7, 2022

4 Reasons to Move to the Public Cloud

by: Align

The cloud has become an almost imperative adoption among modern businesses. So much so that Gartner has predicted that worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is expected to reach $494.7 billion, growing 20.4% within the year. And while some cloud providers put a strong emphasis on managing applications and data in the private cloud, it is not afforded the same flexibility and innovation as public.

If your business is looking to innovate digitally, we've highlighted a few reasons why it's worth transitioning over to the public cloud.

Lower Cost


Generally, public and hybrid cloud providers tend to have fewer expenses than private cloud deployments. The capital expenditures of servers, storage and networking that falls on the shoulders of private cloud providers drive up the costs for their customers.

On the other hand, because public cloud service providers, such as Align, work in conjunction with cloud giants, like Microsoft Azure, customers are able to benefit from flexibility, resiliency and scalability without compromising on cost-savings. (For more information on cost-savings, reach out to a cloud specialist here.)

With a public cloud provider, businesses can shift their IT resources to other divisions within the company, so that time, money and expertise are allocated to areas that will help your organization grow. In addition, businesses can save money when purchasing software or applications on a pay-as-you-go method offered by public cloud service providers, increasing flexibility without inflating budgets. 

Better Customer Experience 

CloudBlog-customerExperienceThe cloud has changed the way organizations have done businesses and interacted with their clients and customers. Product information, customer or client records, and other data can be easily tracked and accessed in the cloud, making it easier to communicate internally and pass on information to customers. Migrating applications and data to the public cloud can streamline operations and allow teams to support customers more effectively.

Increased Productivity


Since public cloud adoption eliminates the need for costly IT equipment in house, it also reduces task loads for your internal IT team. They no longer need to engage in time consuming data center management, and are able to focus on more pressing business operations and tickets. Additionally, public cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure offer additional tools such as Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection, Teams and One Drive which allow teams to work collaboratively in secured network settings.

Improved Network Security


Consider the myth that the public cloud is less secure than private. These days, public cloud providers have are able to protect your network applications and private data from potential cyber threats with some of the most up-to-date technologies out there. What's more, platforms like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services even have built-in risk management features that help decrease risk exposure

Align's Takeaways

There are many more benefits to the public cloud aside from those listed, but overall adopting the solution can significantly improve your overall business operations. As a Microsoft Cloud Services Provider (CSP), Align is well equipped and experienced in delivering the right public cloud solutions to our clients so you can scale effectively without breaking the bank or sacrificing security.

Speak with a cloud and IT expert today to discuss the best cloud solutions for your business. 

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