November 9, 2018

2019 IT Trends Outlook: Digital Transformation, Outsourcing IT and More

by: Katie Sloane

Successful businesses don’t just implement tools to keep ahead of the competition; they are changing their mindset, or approach, to IT completely. Industry research illustrates this shift taking place across businesses worldwide, reporting increases in IT budgets, investments in cybersecurity and pushes for digital transformation.

To help you prepare for the year ahead and position your business for innovation, we’ve ascertained the top IT trends for 2019.


Once perceived as a low priority, cybersecurity has captured the attention of organizations worldwide. Demonstrative of this catastrophic change in viewpoint are recent findings from Spiceworks’ survey of 700 business technology buyers. The study reveals that today, businesses consider employee security awareness training as the most effective solution for preventing cybersecurity incidents, followed by breach detection systems. The report also forecasts an uptick in IT spending for 2019 due to heightened security concerns and business plans to adopt end-user security awareness education.

Effective security awareness education can make the difference between falling victim to social engineering scams and empowering your end-users with knowledge to become your first line of defense.

Innovative firms are adopting a layered approach to cybersecurity with the help of outsourced cybersecurity services to eliminate risks, safeguard sensitive business information, meet compliance standards and scale their business operations.

Digital Transformation

Eighty-nine (89) percent of respondents anticipate their budgets for digital transformation will expand in 2019 or stay level. These findings indicate a growing enterprise need for technologies and services to enable their transition into digital leaders.

When asked what the most significant driver was to bolster IT budgets in 2019, the majority of responses say their businesses need to upgrade obsolete or legacy IT.

We’re witnesses a drastic shift in business priorities as companies realize that shedding legacy technology will provide numerous benefits. Like the seasons’ transition from winter to spring, renewing your infrastructure technology brings new life, productivity, agility and better employee and client experiences for your company.

However, what if your firm has invested in technology, but isn’t experiencing the desired level of digital transformation yet? We recommend reaching out to an IT specialist to discuss your goals and discover possible solutions to help your company realize its full potential.

Preparing to invest in technology is an excellent start to your transformation journey, but it is partnering with an experienced IT Service Provider that will enable complete digital change that aligns with your business goals.

Outsourcing IT Services

A report released last month by Gartner reveals that IT spending is expected to climb to $3.8 trillion in 2019, a 3.2 percent increase from the projected spending in 2018. The key driver for spurring investments in IT is outsourced IT services.

Like a moth to a flame, businesses are flocking to Managed IT Service Providers, leveraging their holistic, disruptive solutions to drive innovation, digital transformation, growth and competitive advantage, while simultaneously cutting costs. Furthermore, financial firms are increasingly leveraging cloud computing services to migrate to the public cloud for increased efficiencies, scalability, security, flexibility and more. 

For businesses that are considering outsourcing IT to a third-party, it is imperative they understand the ideal provider will serve as an extension of their firm. Many firms outsource IT because they do not have the bandwidth, resources, expertise or budget to have it in-house. By outsourcing daily IT tasks and embracing third-party services, businesses are freeing up employees’ time to focus on revenue-generating projects and strategic priorities.


Industry research reveals that a profound ripple effect is moving businesses toward optimizing IT worldwide. To harness the power of next year’s trends and experience the measurable benefits of emerging technology, consider reaching out to an Align IT specialist today. Contact us by clicking here.

The future is yours. Grow, develop, protect and modernize it with award-winning Managed IT Services and comprehensive Cybersecurity Risk Management Services from Align. 

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