Data Center Consolidation

Data Center Consolidation Savings Opportunity

If you have a lease coming due in the next 1 to 3 years, there is a multi-million dollar savings opportunity consolidating in new data center space! “How is that possible?”    The market has changed in the last 5 years.

  • Pricing per kW: Significant price reductions have occurred across nearly every
    US and International data center market.
  • Power Efficiencies: Newer infrastructure runs more efficiently, resulting in lower PUEs (Power Usage Effectiveness) and lower electric bills.
  • Space Requirements Have Reduced: Technologies are more powerful and smaller in footprint. The cloud and SaaS allows client to optimize, refresh & reduce their need for technology.
  • Critical System Improvements: New data center facilities offer improved operations, with more redundancy and higher availability.
  • New Regional Incentives: Target locations offer concessions to new tenants, financial incentives for local hiring & tax breaks on new equipment.

Potential Savings Applied to a Technology Refresh

And This Doesn’t Consider Other Opportunities for Savings:

  • Can the server or application be turned off?
  • Is the application cloud-ready?
  • Can the server be virtualized or consolidated with other workloads
  • Can hardware be refreshed & right-sized to more energy efficient platforms

Extensive Benefits To Your Business

  • Consolidate multiple platforms and implement compute standards
  • Reduce incidents, improve SLAs, RPO & Disaster Recovery
  • Leverage improved energy efficiencies
  • Address End-of-Life / End-of-Support Equipment
  • Upgrade to new network topologies & speeds
  • Reduce technology sprawl
  • Improve security, processes and tools
  • Optimize IT staff productivity
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“The average datacenter is utilized at 63% capacity on square footage, and 56% from a power perspective.”
– 451 Alliance Research White Paper, 2015



Our Rapid Value Relocation Methodology

We have a proven three-phased process for helping clients quickly migrate into new data center spaces by offering comprehensive selection, assessment, design, build and fill services. Our reputation is backed by over 30 years experience deploying advanced technology infrastructures.

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