August 23, 2019

Own Your Own Data Center? 4 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Deciding to Consolidate and How to Win in the Short Term

by: Align

So you have owned and operated your data center for several years, either off-site or on-site. You keep reading about data center consolidation benefits, such as the reduction of operating costs, modernized appliances and enhanced security. At the same time, there is the fear of disruption, change and the physical moving or migration of equipment. How do you begin to think about making a consolidation plan? Are there steps you can take to make immediate changes and still win?



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In today’s post, we want to provide insights to help take the hesitation and caution out of the equation. Let’s keep it simple: our team of data center transformation consultants have broken down the critical questions you have to ask yourself to take advantage of some immediate opportunities for improvement. Full consolidation is more than likely necessary, however, there are a few moves you can make before taking advantage of some immediate cost savings.

Are there "ghost" servers that are running but do not serve a production function and should be shut down?

This is the first of many proactive measures that should be done and it takes little time and effort. Organizations like Align have the tools necessary to identify these servers. Shutting down “ghost” servers provides long term benefits as you approach the deployment stage of the data center consolidation and migration.

If my long-term plan is to exit a site, can I put a freeze on adding new equipment to that facility so that I don't have to move it later?

This is another preemptive measure that provides a long term benefit up to and during the date of the consolidation and move.

Is there an opportunity to do a "light" consolidation within my existing space which will allow me to better utilize my power and cooling and possibly shut down some equipment?

If there is an opportunity for a “light” consolidation, then there is definitely a need for a full-scale one.

Can I implement some cooling efficiencies - containment, higher set points, etc.?

This is a short term fix to your existing environment that can mean instant savings to your electrical bill, start accruing additional savings now!


If you responded positively to the above questions, then you are in a strong position to make a move and should commence putting a consolidation and migration plan in place. These are the core questions you can ask yourself when deciding what to do with your existing data center, which should help during the planning and deployment of your consolidation.

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