January 18, 2018

Workplace of Tomorrow: Overcoming IT Problems with Next-Gen Technology

by: Align


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Are you ready for the future of the workplace? As the digital landscape continues to change and technology advances, solutions that revolutionize daily life in the office are making common IT problems a thing of the past. More devices are taken online into a network of billions of devices every day, and new capabilities and software expand the possibilities for productivity exponentially. If you’ve ever thrown your hands up in frustration over lost work, faulty communication or problematic devices, let the next generation of technology solve your working woes.

Your Office in the Cloud

Cloud technology stores information centrally, allowing for easier access and compatibility and less reliance on local computers. Documents and communication can be accessed anywhere, removing the headache of locally-saved documents being unavailable in a pinch. Cloud storage also allows for syncing and versioning, remotely saving and updating documents to prevent lost work (and losing the ability to go back to an older version). Time spent in frustration over where a document went or what was changed can be solved in a few simple clicks (and a lot more peace of mind). When used effectively, a cloud storage combines benefits of working off of a personal document and the potential for global collaboration, with far less downtime and oversight in the editing process.

The Internet of Things in the Workplace

The proliferation of connected devices—from more sophisticated smartphones to something as simple as a light bulb—brings untold potential for solving some of our more basic problems. Smartwatches can be used for two factor authentication, for instance, and more devices like tablets and phones can be used for file access. RFID tags can be added to all kinds of equipment for tracking and monitoring purposes. Thanks to advances in technology, the cost to add sensors and connectivity continues to fall, expanding the number of devices that can be taken online and making new strategies possible. Monitoring component performance and productivity can save time and physical labor and vastly increase our potential for productivity.

Superhuman Resources

HR software has emerged as a streamlined, practical tool for managing goals and taking a more objective approach to performance reviews and company management. By tracking performance in a measurable, goal-based system, department managers can track progress and establish real criteria for determining raises and evaluations. Making the process less subjective and more interactive encourages more meticulous tracking and a record of information, instead of leaving supervisors scrambling to pull together a review at year’s end.

The caveat for all this technology: security. The huge swell in assets and devices now online inevitably draws the attention of unsavory actors looking to take advantage of security flaws. We’ve already discussed the importance of cybersecurity at length, but it’s worth repeating: when entering new technology territory, keeping a watchful eye on security and the latest cyberattacks can save you from a huge headache (and potentially a massive, costly security breach). When you make a move into the latest and greatest technology, we recommend having expert engineers conduct an analysis of your current environment first. Established IT partners will provide Systems, Networks, Security (SNS) services to evaluate your current infrastructure, design and deploy a solution that leverages your environment (integrating next-gen technology seamlessly) and offer ongoing support. 

Workplace technology innovation will continue to shape the way that we do our jobs, and cutting-edge advances are freeing us from cumbersome inefficiencies and roadblocks. The next big solution may be yet unknown, but hopefully the constant march of connectivity and increased performance will make working life a little easier, for all of us.


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