The Rising Need for IT Asset Disposition Services in a Data-Driven World

by: Align on Oct, 06, 2021 | 0 Comments
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As employees around the world trickle back into the office, businesses must also face their onsite IT equipment after many months away. This partial return comes with challenges, including designing new hybrid work models to accommodate the evolving corporate landscape, which may require full office consolidations, downsizing, and relocations.  

However, with these workplace changes also comes a surge in demand for specialized IT asset disposition services (ITAD). The services include hardware disposal & destruction, data erasure & repurposing, among others. The past 18 months have built up quite a technological bottleneck for businesses, both large and small.  

According to new research by Global Industry Analytics and DSA Connect, here are just a few upcoming expectations over the next two years:  

  • The Global IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Market is expected to reach $24.5 billion and the Data Destruction Segment to reach $7.2 billion by 2026; the US ITAD market is currently estimated at $5.8 billion in 2021
  • 83% of UK IT directors believe demand for ITAD and data destruction services will grow, with nearly one in five (17%) predicting a dramatic increase in demand. 
  • 69% of IT directors said data erasure services will be most in demand. 
  • Around 60% of IT directors believe end-of-life IT services will see a growth in demand with 24% expecting a dramatic increase.  
  • More than half of those questioned (55%) believe demand will increase for onsite data destruction and recycling of IT services with 33% expecting a dramatic increase in demand for recycling and 29% a dramatic rise in demand for onsite data destruction. 

The Risks of Improper Disposition

Improperly deleting data and disposing of hardware not only may result in costly data breaches, but sensitive data can be extracted from discarded devices that do not follow a correct process.  

For example, in 2020, Morgan Stanley was fined $60 million for failing to properly decommission hardware containing wealth management data from two data centers in 2016. In another incident, ShopRite and its parent company, Wakefern Food Corporation, will pay $235K after two supermarkets threw away electronic devices exposing thousands of customers’ medical information.  

Choose an Experienced ITAD Partner

Bringing on a team of dedicated professionals to handle these specific IT services, in addition to larger consolidation, expansion, or relocation services, can save critical time and cost while lowering potential security risks.  

Align is a leading global provider of Technology Infrastructure Solutions—from the desktop to the data center. Recently, our team was brought on to evaluate the office footprint for a global financial firm, which included an office closure. The Align team followed our vetted IT Asset Disposition Program (ITAD) to help safeguard assets and eliminate risk throughout the closure program. 

Explore the story here. 

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Reach out to one of Align's Workplace Technology experts to learn how we can help reevaluate your office and IT today. Contact us now. 

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