March 8, 2018

[VIDEO] The New SEC Enforcement Division and Its Impact on Law Firms

by: Align

In response to the growing and polymorphic threat of cyberattacks (and a breach within their own system), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the creation of a Cyber Unit, with the purpose of building on its Enforcement Division's ongoing efforts to address cyber-based threats. The resultant effects  including new regulatory standards at a state and national level  promise to have widespread effects across areas of business, including law firms working with clients affected by legislative changes in the area of cybersecurity.

In the second part of a video series with Berdon Industry Insider, Align’s General Counsel and Managing Director of Align CybersecurityTM, John Araneo, recently sat down with Berdon LLP Audit Partner, John Fitzgerald, to discuss the effects of the SEC's Cyber Unit and the ripple effect cybersecurity standards will have on the legal industry. Press play and watch the video below. 

The first step in cybersecurity due diligence is an informed plan built with a trusted advisory partner. Align Cybersecurity provides over three decades of IT industry expertise with comprehensive knowledge of the evolving legal framework surrounding data protection. Don't wait until disaster strikes; make your plan today.

In case you missed it, watch part one of the Berdon Industry Insider video series: Cybersecurity Due Diligence for Law Firms.   

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