March 7, 2024

ISE 2024 Insights from Joel Hauxwell

by: Joel Hauxwell

ISE 2024 was evidence that not only is the AV industry fit and well, but that its positively booming. The show was spread across six vast halls showcasing the latest and greatest in AV technology. Whilst it was easy to get distracted by the never-ending LED displays, video bars, and loudspeakers, there were some true gems to be found amongst some of the smaller booths.

Below, we will explore some of the most influential technologies Senior AV Consultant, Joel Hauxwell, saw at the conference.


USB-C has been a hot top topic over the last few months. More and more laptops are being equipped with USB-C ports, creating an increasing expectation that it should be available in meeting rooms for BYOD/presentation use. USB-C brings some challenges, it has been difficult to extend due to the bandwidth requirements, along with some confusion about capabilities.

A properly designed BYOD solution should allow USB-C charging and present the in-room peripherals to the connected laptop – this would typically include camera, microphone, loudspeakers, and display. To allow the display to be supported, the connected laptop must support USB-C DisplayPort, sometimes called DP Alt Mode.

“Where this has been difficult in the past, there are now aJoel Hauxwell-circle number of available options to provide our clients with a simple, one cable, BYOD/presentation deployment. The Ashton Bentley extender system in particular stood out to me, as it included an integrated table box and retractable cable system that had user-friendly source selection controls.” – Joel Hauxwell, Senior AV Consultant

Extended Reality

XR (Extended Reality) was also a hot topic at this year’s show with several manufacturers showcasing their solutions and platforms. XR is a collective term which includes augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR). In augmented reality, virtual objects can be overlaid into a virtual world, like social media filters that add digital objects in real time such as glasses or a hat.

Virtual reality involves full immersion into a virtual world. This requires the user to wear a VR headset and displays a 360-degree view of an entirely artificial world, creating the illusion that they are somewhere they are not, whether this is deep in the ocean or at the top of a mountain.

XR combines both technologies to allow the creation of immersive presentation, teaching, or performance environments. Where green screen technology has previously been used, this has now been superseded by LED video displays. This allows users to see their presentation content, colleagues and clients surrounding them in a fully immersive digital world, allowing conversations to become more natural and making subject matter content far more engaging.

Align’s Insight

Align can help you understand the benefits of these solutions, without a large space and dedicated tech team to make them work. These solutions can be right-sized to fit your unique space, and presenters are able to self-operate and drive the meeting using a wireless tablet. We can provide in-person demonstrations in central London if this is something you would like to consider for your organisation.

Align has expertise in AV systems of all sizes, from small meeting rooms to large complex multi-purpose spaces, and are able to offer everything from consultancy and design through to project delivery.

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