July 9, 2024

Data Center Update: Growth, Success Stories, and Industry Insights

by: Align

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A Note from Align CEO, Jim Dooling

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From the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the ever-growing power of High-Performance Computing (HPC), the data center landscape is undergoing a significant transformation. These technologies require not only robust infrastructure but also forward-thinking design to ensure optimal performance.

At Align, we believe that exceptional data center design is the foundation for operational excellence. That's why we have invested in growing our teams with specialized talent so we can continue creating technology infrastructure that is not only efficient but also scalable and adaptable to future needs. 

Below we share insights on the latest trends in data center design, case studies showcasing our successful client projects, and other exciting updates from our growing Data Center team.

Jim Dooling
President & CEO

Recent News:
Data Center Team Growth & Expansion Across Markets

Recent News 1

We've added talented PMs and Engineers to help meet new demands of the industry. We have experts spanning cooling, power, networks, conveyance, and more. We've bolstered our team as well as our capabilities by 40%.

Recent News 2

We are continuing to grow and structure our teams with subject matter experts throughout the US. Recently, we expanded our teams in Atlanta to support a 40MW infrastructure design & build program.

Recent News 3

We specialize in HPC and AI infrastructures, with expertise in liquid cooling, InfiniBand cluster networks, and optimizing existing infrastructure for this growing market. We are helping our clients from enterprise to hyperscale navigate the changing landscape.

Recent News 4

With the increase in team talent, we've doubled our design and build capacity year-over-year. At Align, we are helping our clients build the future, faster! Currently, we have over 250Mw+ of IT white space in flight for clients across the US.


Client Success Story: Designing for Performance & Growth

The Overview: A leading social media company was looking to expand and interconnect multiple colocation companies within the same facility. After our previous work with the company building out their electrical, conveyance, containment and MMR ties, our team's understanding of the space and facilities procedures made us the ideal partner for the project.

The Solution: The client was expanding their infrastructure and environment in one facility, and also required the physical and logical connection between servers across multiple providers. This presented the challenge of deploying in multiple cages that spanned multiple floors, with pathways managed across a few different third parties.

The Results: Working hand in hand with the client and all involved colocation providers, Align successfully completed the project on time and within budget. With successful and frequent communication across all parties, our teams were able to  maintain consistent progress across all objectives. 


Thought Leadership

Feeling lost in the debate between Ethernet and InfiniBand for your data center? You're not alone. Align's latest blog series tackles this head-on, unpacking the true differences between these emerging technologies, media types, termination options, and more!


Click here to read Part 1


Click here to read Part 2


Industry Events

Sharpening Our Expertise at NVIDIA GTC & Dell World 2024:

The data center landscape is constantly shifting, driven by the ever-growing power of AI and HPC. To stay ahead of the curve, our team actively participated in NVIDIA GTC and Dell World 2024.

  • NVIDIA's Latest Advancements: We gained valuable insights into the latest breakthroughs in AI and HPC, allowing us to integrate cutting-edge NVIDIA GPUs into our designs seamlessly.

  • Dell's Server Capabilities: By understanding Dell's newest server technology, we can create efficient and high-performing data centers that perfectly complement NVIDIA's powerful GPUs.


Advancing Data Center Design & Engineering

Join Align expert and Managing Director of Data Center Design & Build, Simon Eventov, at the Advancing Data Center Design & Engineering Conference in San Jose!

Learn More About the Event

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Solution Highlight:
Workplace Technology for your Data Center

Align extends beyond the fit-out of your data center's whitespace, offering a full suite of workplace technology solutions. Whether it is connectivity throughout your data center or a build out of on-site conference rooms or offices, Align can provide comprehensive technology infrastructure solutions to meet your unique needs.


Wi-Fi Services: With Align, unleash productivity with Wi-Fi services designed for your data center. Our solutions enable a connected, efficient, and collaborative work environment.

Click to Learn More about Upgrading your Wi-Fi

Security Access

Security & Access Control Solutions: Advanced security, simplified access. Align's security and access control solutions offer state-of-the-art protection while ensuring seamless access for authorized personnel.

Click to Learn More about Reducing Risk

Audio Visual

Audio-Visual Conferencing Solutions: Our AV and conferencing solutions are engineered to deliver crystal-clear audio and video, ensuring your message is heard loud and clear, no matter the distance.

Click to Learn More about Seamless Collaboration 


Align Celebrated
Construction Safety Week

The Align Data Center team was an active participant in the industry's Construction Safety Week—together, we are building a stronger, safer industry. Throughout the week the team shared insights on how we integrate a culture of safety into our daily work, met onsite with teams to provide safety training, created training videos and more!

Watch the training video by clicking here.



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