Data Center Trends Shaping the Industry in 2018

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As we hurtle through 2018, emerging trends in technology are shaping the future of the data center industry. The explosive popularity of cloud storage and IoT devices have forced data center providers to remain highly adaptive. Data center trends that have proven they are here to stay for the foreseeable future include edge computing, data center infrastructure management software and software-defined networking, which will steer the course of data center operations in 2018 and beyond.


Edge computing is defined as distributed IT architecture in which client data is processed at the outskirts of a network. Edge data centers house edge computing devices at the network fringe. This allows providers to process data as closely as possible to their clients (or end users), enabling faster processing speeds, lowering response times and efficiently utilizing network resources. Edge computing devices are effectively a decentralized extension of a network, reducing latency and network bottlenecks, providing customers with a better experience and reducing vendor traffic costs.

Many global corporations who provide end users with business applications for the purposes of human resources, customer management and business process modules have jumped into the edge data center market. This has prompted many of the largest global data center providers to expand into this niche market, prompting acquisitions of boutique providers in order to quickly serve this growing base of potential clients. There will be more companies moving into this distributed edge data center as more companies look to provide their customers with the fastest response times.

Data Center Infrastructure
Management Software (dcim)

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DCIM solutions have become integral to
data center management. The amazing growth of
large-scale data centers that are generally
located within several major markets has spurred most businesses to operate off-premise data centers. Old fashioned localized BMS (Building Management Systems) solutions no longer give the remote data center operations teams the detailed information they require.

DCIM software removes the need for employees
to be onsite, as they can obtain accurate,
real-time information with a mere mouse click

Live and trending data via DCIM on all critical systems and every power outlet is mandatory for operational awareness and diagnostics to prevent downtime. With the capacity to provide instant information on
assets, a centralized database to
maintain records, power management,
network connectivity, constant monitoring and
task automation, it provides the efficiency and transparency to save on both time and money
A robust DCIM tool that is properly configured
for alarming and communications is paramount
to effectively managing a data center. 


Software-defined networking (SDN) can provide
the rapid scalability that is often required by expanding data centers. When network requirements change, SDN allows businesses to more easily modernize IT infrastructure and network administrators can provision networks as needed, with minimal impact to business productivity. Having this agility becomes increasingly necessary as the inventory of cloud-based applications expands and data centers must dynamically adapt to arising business changes. In addition to scalability, having a centralized network controller provides IT professionals with a central point to manage and distribute security throughout an organization. As companies demand increased visibility into their networks, automated network management and enhanced security, SDN usage is only expected to become more popular. 

In an industry of disruption and ever-improving technology, data centers are constantly responding to change and innovation. Disruptive trends are providing increased productivity, agility and lowering costs, expanding data center capabilities. These trends introduce exciting potential, and now’s the time to consider what the future of data centers beholds. If you’re considering updating your data center infrastructure, reach out to an Align professional for a consultation on data center design and build and data center solutions

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