March 13, 2024

Microsoft Copilot: Your assistant for solving complex work problems.

by: Align

Welcome to the final part in our Copilot Blog Series! In this edition, we will explore how Copilot can help generate new ideas. 

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final copilot video thumbnailVideo: Generate new ideas with Microsoft Copilot

Copilot is your brainstorming partner, using existing documents as inspiration. 

You lead the way. Copilot Chat works alongside you.

Like an assistant, Copilot understands your priorities and your organization. Ask questions and Copilot will interact with your content—across your files, meetings, chats, emails, and the web. 

Copilot can give you a head start on some of your most complex or tedious tasks. See how, with four scenarios where Copilot's key features can help you get the important work done, faster. 

  • Quickly get up to speed on projects. 
  • Collate information and insights across all your content 
  • Create new content from multiple sources
  • Prepare for upcoming meetings
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With Copilot for Microsoft 365, when you chat with Microsoft Copilot, it can reason over your work content and context. Try it by flipping the toggle to "Work" when using Copilot at, at, or find it as a new chat contact in Teams.

Quickly get up to speed on projects

Create summaries and lists of key points in a flash. Copilot puts all your meeting, chat and email histories within instant reach. 

Try entering the prompt, 'summarize emails about [x project]'. Or task Copilot with distilling down ideas or action items from a Teams chat, Word document, or PowerPoint deck. 

You can then use those results to drill down even further. As in 'Tell me more about [a specific aspect of the project]', or 'Create a bulleted list of all my action items from these emails'.

Collate information and insights across all your content

There's no need to dig through piles of documents and communications for the information you need. Copilot can do the heavy lifting.

Use the prompt 'Explain the key difference between [product] and [product]' to send Copilot to work, gathering information from across your applications.

Translate that information into the format you prefer, by prompting something like 'Turn this into a table and add a row for [subject], or 'Turn this into a 2-minute elevator pitch I can use with a potential customer."

Create new documents from multiple sources

Copilot isn't limited to referencing a single document. Pull data from multiple places and tie it together in a new document that you can work from.

To use multiple files in the Copilot prompt, type something like 'Look at [doc 1] and [doc 2], and identify 3-4 common themes'. 

Then follow-up with Copilot to make your results pop: 

  • Create a catchy but relevant title for each theme
  • Add a summary for each theme
  • Turn into a table, with an example for each theme
  • Now write this script in Spanish

Prepare for upcoming meetings

Stay ahead of your next meeting by letting Copilot do the legwork, so you can focus on creating impact.

Try the prompt, 'Help me get ready for my next 1:1 with my manager by summarizing recent conversations with them" 

Then ask Copilot to go even deeper, so you can arrive at your meeting feeling prepared and confident: 

  • Categorize into themes
  • What were the open items from last week's meeting about [subject]? 
  • Summarize emails where I was mentioned recently. Make it detailed, highlighting the sender and categorizing by topic of the email. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Copilot can simplify some of your more time consuming daily tasks into quick and easy undertakings - allowing you to redirect your focus to more meaningful tasks instead of wasting time with the mundane.

If you are interested in learning more about Copilot or would like to roll it out across your organization, reach out to our Managed Services team today

Learn more about Microsoft Copilot here.

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