7 Security Tips for Safe Online Shopping During Black Friday

by: Align on Nov, 20, 2018

The holiday season is upon us! This means spending quality time with friends and family, celebrating traditions, indulging in delicious food, Friendsgivings and, of course, online shopping deals.

Unfortunately, given the increase in consumer spending, cybercriminals go into a scam-overdrive mode with hopes to get rich with your money.

With Black Friday just around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of online shopping security tips to help you avoid falling victim to cyber scams. 

  1. Be vigilant when reading emails. Ensure the email sender is accurate or someone you know, and don’t click on links or downloadable coupons! 
  2. There’re thousands of fake websites out there that look legitimate, but don't fall for it. As a best practice, type in the address using your preferred search engine or use your bookmarks.
  3. Don’t download fake mobile apps that promise significant shopping savings.
  4. Be very wary of online discount coupons.293-man-hand-typing-keyboard-input-code-for-register-system-600x400
  5. Watch out for SMS or email alerts that claim that you just received a package from UPS or the US Mail, and then ask you for personal information. Don't enter any data.
  6. There have been reports of fraudulent emails pretending to be from FedEx with the subject line "FedEx: Delivery Problems Notification." The links within these emails, when clicked, will direct users to a website which will then infect their computers. Should you receive that email, do not open it or click on its links.
  7. Public Wi-Fi may make for a seamless shopping experience, but you can’t trust it. Hackers can gain access to users’ login credentials and information or see what they're doing just by being on the same network.

For more cyber security awareness regarding phishing attacks and security best practices, check out our article here.

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