Align works with you to select, design and build your data center site, providing expert resources and tools to develop and deliver a successful project.

Our proven process helps you migrate quickly into new data center space by offering comprehensive select, design, build services. Our three-step design process efficiently captures requirements for power density, space layout and types and quantities of media. Our expert team will guide you through the process of identifying everything you need — from racks, power and cabling to monitoring devices and air-containment solutions.


  • Establish principles and requirements
  • Discover current state
  • Analyze options
  • Evaluate and design support

  • Meet business requirements
  • Utilize best practices
  • Provide standard options
  • Industry leading design drawings

  • Automated parts and price listing
  • Rapid infrastructure and cabling installation
  • Procure industry-standard products
  • Configure and install based on best practices

Evaluation and Site Selection: Our site and facility selection team works to understand your business needs and develops options for a facility that is appropriate for your data center requirements. We consider all environmental details — existing facilities, geographic location, disaster and risk avoidance, architecture, power and cooling systems — and present options to balance cost, performance, redundancy, energy efficiency and ROI.

Design Services: Align in-house certified staff of BICSI experts are knowledgeable about leading data center designs, green technologies and best practices. Utilizing CAD and other illustrative tools, we will guide you through design options to perfect your data center footprint, making the most of what your facility has to offer. Our design-decision process tailors the power and density distribution, room layout and cabling strategies to your unique data center requirements

Build Services: Our modular approach offers flexible, industry-leading products that can be procured, commissioned and installed quickly. Align has standard designs with parts in stock, ready to be installed by our team of specialists. Align can work with your preferred manufacturers or offer our catalog of the industry’s premier components.