Venture Migration for SurePods

by: Align on Sep 5, 2019 5:02:52 PM | 0 Comments
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The Situation
Align was tasked with a planning and migration project of SurePods' office and factory. SurePods' goal was to separate their infrastructure, hardware and technology from their parent company, Old Castle. The overall project goal was for Align to execute a detailed plan, design and migration of all end users to a new SurePods domain, with an Azure subscription hosting core infrastructure.


The Challenge
Stipulated in the venture contract were financial penalties if SurePods technology, hardware and infrastructure were not separated from Old Castle. To mitigate this risk, SurePods acquired Engineering and Project Management services from Align to supplement their resources to deliver the separation within an 8-week period.

The Solution
SurePods worked together with Align to develop an project plan and infrastructure design to deliver separation and project closure on time and under budget. Align successfully project managed, designed and delivered infrastructure solutions to support the separation. The team also migrated exchange email, user profile data and set up all endpoint desktop services. Below is a detailed scope of the project:

  • A detailed project plan and discovery of infrastructure, computers and office space
  • Designed a migration solution for laptops, infrastructure, storage, email and telephone systems
  • Procured network stack, laptops, phones, Azure capacity, software licenses and other items needed for the build and migration phase of the project
  • Built and deployed network stack, laptops, phone systems and Azure infrastructure
  • On-site migration, user support and post-migration activities 
  • Implemented security monitoring systems


The Results

The Align team successfully separated SurePods' services from Old Castle within the restricted 8-week time period. The SurePods users now have state-of-the-art infrastructure and computing power, resulting in increased productivity.

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