Infrastructure Design & IT Construction for Global Hedge Fund

by: Align on Sep 10, 2019 11:46:47 AM | 0 Comments
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The Situation

A large global hedge fund was moving into a new 400,000 sq ft office space at Hudson Yards. Align engaged early on in the infrastructure design process through implementation.


The Challenge
Align was asked to design a server room, IDFs, and over 60 AV rooms. The workspace was designed as an environment focusing on collaboration and innovation.

The architectural requirements at Hudson Yards were a challenge. Pathways needed to be created to allow for flexibility. The high ceilings in this new space and limited access to the raised floor in certain areas provided challenges during design. 

The Solution
Align, alongside the client, held frequent page-turning meetings during the design and construction documentation phases. All members of the project team provided timely responses to questions and RFIs. 

The Results

Align and the client delivered infrastructure and critical systems on all floors that were independent from the other floors in the building. Therefore, any floor in this new building could be eliminated or sublet without impact from adjacent floors.

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