Data Center Optimization Study & Migration Program

by: Align on Sep 5, 2019 11:25:16 AM | 0 Comments
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The Situation
Align was tasked with completing a feasibility study to optimize the cabinet footprint of Northwell’s data center equipment. The expectation was to provide the "business" leverage to proceed with the consolidation phases of the program. A key goal of our study would be to demonstrate how to maximize the physical cabinets, power and cooling to attain an above 80% utilization rate. 


The Challenge
Based on our initial audit and inventory work, we estimated that Northwell was utilizing <60% of their physical cabinet space. In addition, Northwell had a limited project timeline, which included current/future state workshops and the development of a feasibility plan to support a ROI. 

The Solution
Align successfully developed two options to consolidate the data center, both offering merit in terms of reduced operational cost compared to overall risk. Option 1 required a redesign of the core switch fabric, which would have provided a net removal of 35 cabinets and over $3.9 MM savings over 5 years. Option 2 was a less aggressive and lower risk plan, but still offered a net removal of 26 cabinets with a $2.7 MM saving over 5 years. 

The Results

Align provided a detailed plan listing consolidation options inclusive of timeline, cost and risk associated with consolidating their data center. This information, along with Align's expertise, helped kick off numerous projects across the business units. By providing project transparency along with our long-standing history of performing data center consolidations, Northwell felt comfortable working with Align as we reduced the time, cost and risk with projects of this caliber.

Deliverables included...

  • Provided a high level executive summary listing findings, options, risk, cost and recommended next steps
  • Delivered an investment cost analysis and estimated the ROI over 3 and 5 years
  • Developed a high-level migration plan
  • Provided a future state design and upgrade plan with estimated pricing
  • Provided sample best practice migration methods and process

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