Align Releases Asset Point 2021 Roadmap

June 7, 2021

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Align Officially Releases Asset Point 2021 Roadmap Outlining New Enhancements 

NEW YORK & LONDON – May 25, 2021 – Align, the premier global provider of technology infrastructure solutions and managed IT services, recently released their 2021 Roadmap for Asset Point, a powerful software tool used to centrally manage all systems and assets within an IT environment.

In 2020, the Align team deployed multiple Asset Point and Asset Scan releases based on various client requests focusing on key areas of functionality and usability, along with a new Asset Point site launch. The 2021 roadmap covers all previous upgrades from version 7.1.1, and outlines the enhancements clients can expect over the next year:

Asset Point

  • Updated Admin module with new Asset Point look and feel
  • PDF graphics that will be compatible across multiple browsers as well as with Excel xlsx formats
  • Logging for LDAP User activities improvement for better support
  • Enhanced user management
  • Increased cabinet code field length
  • Query builder loading bar enhancement
  • Various bug fixes

Asset Scan

  • Asset Scan compatibility with iOS 14
  • Blackberry SDK upgrade and testing
  • Mobile Iron upgrade and testing
  • Microsoft Intune SDK implementation and testing
  • Legacy build upgrade
  • Various bug fixes

The development plan for 2021also includes Asset Point Version 7.2.1, which will deploy June 2021, and Asset Scan Version 7.2.1, which will deploy May 2021.

“Asset Point and Asset Scan 7.2.1 incorporate best-in-breed user interface and compatibility improvements to make using the system easier and more intuitive; the updated look and feel makes the application more user friendly,” said Bruce Gansler, Director of Project Management at Align. “The upgrades in performance and logging features create a robust and powerful platform for technology and data center management.”

Another version of both Asset Point and Asset Scan is planned to launch in October 2021 with further .Net Framework, interface and compatibility enhancements. Align looks forward to continuing to work closely with leading global organizations that rely 24/7 on their mission-critical IT infrastructure.

Visit to view the 2021 Roadmap. 

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