News / Align and HPE Forge Strategic Partnership to Enable Rapid Enterprise IT and Data Center Transformation

June 10, 2016

Align and HPE Forge Strategic Partnership to Enable Rapid Enterprise IT and Data Center Transformation

Talk to any IT leader today and you’ll hear about innovation, change and the shift in IT. Where organizations used to be consumed with configurations and software rollouts, they are focused on the big picture, helping their organizations find better ways to advance strategic agendas and become a disruptive force in their industry. At the same time, information technology itself has advanced and led the industry to a new hybrid approach for managing traditional, data center and cloud workloads from a single foundation.

Therefore, it is not surprising to hear that companies with a strategic view of IT are now making critical infrastructure transformation decisions to stay ahead of competitors and disruptive market change. It’s also clear that these companies need elegant, simplified solutions to easily manage and respond to the complex set of business and regulatory tasks they must deliver against. Naturally, that means coupling smart analysis and design techniques with best-in-class infrastructure technology. HPE has been recognized as a leader and visionary in many of Garner’s Magic Quadrants, including Application Security, E-Discovery Software, Modular Servers, Wireless and Wired, Deduplication Backup Appliances, Disk Array solutions and more. By partnering with HPE, we bring both sides of the service-technology equation together, a synergy that translates into accelerated data center transformation for organizations across the globe.

End-to-End Infrastructure Solutions that Accelerate Results
At Align, we’ve long been known for providing non-disruptive infrastructure build-outs and migration plans for some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies. Our value lies in accurately assessing a client’s current state and understanding what it takes to create and implement future state designs on time and on budget. Now we will have the full depth of the HPE portfolio behind us as we help companies migrate to a hybrid infrastructure, enable workplace productivity and protect their digital business. Together, Align and HPE can provide the full set of services and solutions needed to build composable, agile infrastructures with powerful management and service brokering capabilities.

The Align-HPE partnership ensures that clients can optimize results and accelerate their next big idea with a solution custom designed for their particular need. For example, one telco client wanted to add another data center to gain East-West performance, redundancy and backup advantages. But the company didn’t simply want to replicate what it already had—it also needed to understand the financial implications cloud technology offered. To start, we analyzed workload requirements and provided a five-year cost analysis for transitioning eligible apps to the cloud. Once the right mix of technology was determined, we developed a plan for building out the new data center and selected infrastructure technology for migrating workloads without disruption over time.

Data center build-outs and workload migrations are just the start of the solutions Align and HPE enable. We’re working with companies to help them become data-driven and ensure that they can utilize every available data source to fuel their future state decision-making processes. To mitigate cyber-threats, we are leveraging HPE innovations to build security directly into the fabric of the network and use analytics to rapidly identify malicious actors as they move toward their goal. We are also helping companies transform their infrastructures to be highly agile service brokers able to quickly spin up resources to accelerate their next big idea.

The Align-HPE partnership created important synergies that allow us to provide coordinated solution design and engineering support faster than ever and further cut client implementation timelines for even the largest projects. After all, success in IT today is now measured by time-to-value and how quickly you can deliver tangible benefits.

Let Align and HPE accelerate your IT goals. Contact us today to learn more about our advisory services and proven methodology for creating enterprise IT and data center transformation plans customized for your exact needs.