Why Align?

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At Align, we consider our clients our trusted partners. No one understands your business needs like you do, which is why our team of IT experts and technologists takes the time and effort to understand our client’s unique business requirements and goals. This client-centric approach and a passion for driving IT innovation, has enabled us to provide customers tailored solutions and cutting-edge technology at competitive prices for over 30 years.

Why Work With Align

We win for our clients every day in the IT strategies we cast, the data centers we design and build, the custom cybersecurity programs we develop and the cloud migrations we manage. And sometimes international organizations like HFM, Wealth & Finance International and Channel Partners Online reaffirm this work by granting our team several awards in IT innovation, cybersecurity risk management and technology infrastructure.

World-Class Customer Service

Our global presence spans two continents, but we ensure our approach remains local. Align will create and define a client-specific, solution-focused approach to your project in the early stages of the engagement that will be maintained throughout the project’s execution. 

We offer results-oriented solutions to mitigate risk, streamline processes and optimize business intelligence. Over the years, Align has consistently exceeded client satisfaction and won their loyalty.

Technical Expertise

Certified IT experts and engineers with the decision-making maturity to maintain clients’ entire IT ecosystems and quickly and efficiently resolve IT issues that arise. Our customers experience the measurable benefits of an in-house it department, without the costs.

24×7×365 Global Support Desk

Cyber threats and natural disasters don’t adhere to a 9 to 5 schedule, which is why our Global Support Desk is available and alert 24x7x365.



The truth is, there is no Align without our people. We don’t just hire intelligence, we invest in brilliant people who are forward-thinking, results-driven and passionate about information technology.

Our IT infrastructure engineers and project managers are accredited and certified in multiple areas within IT. Align’s leadership team is comprised of innovative technologists, driven business leaders and industry experts. Together, they bring years of experience to help the team grow, clients succeed and to create revolutionary solutions that address the multifaceted IT needs of our customers.

We encourage our team to give back. Our company and employees support numerous national charities and community organizations, including:

We encourage our team to give back. Our company and employees support numerous national charities and community organizations, including:

We Care About


The Environment

Align is taking action to implement environmental awareness policies. In the U.S., we encourage the use of mass transit by offering a commuter benefits program through TransitChek and by offering tax benefits to our professionals who use mass transit. In the U.S. alone, the use of mass transit saves drivers 1.4 billion gallons of gasoline per day and produces 95% less carbon monoxide—and about half as much carbon dioxide—per passenger mile as private vehicles. Our London office is a short walk from local train stations and bus stops, making mass transit use a convenient and inexpensive solution.


In our corporate offices, we replaced bottled water with an environmentally-friendly water filtration system. We purchase office supplies and consumables made from recycled elements and have also installed motion detectors that automatically turn off lights and reduce energy waste.

Power Conservation & Recycling

We implemented power conservation efforts in our data centers. Power consumption is a key consideration for every piece of hardware we evaluate or purchase. We’ve also made arrangements to properly dispose of environmentally-sensitive electronic waste, including monitors, servers, cables and fluorescent light bulbs.

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