Success Stories / Orthopedic Company

orthopedics.jpgAlign led infrastructure migration for multibillion dollar specialty orthopedic company.

With locations around the world, this company had a unique challenge—complete a data center migration and corporate headquarters relocation over the same weekend while a divestiture was underway.

Some of the complexities included:

  • An abbreviated time frame of just three months to plan for the migration and relocation
  • Management and liaison between multiple parties including partners, external vendors, onshore and offshore resources, consultants and end users
  • Management of IT staff who were not transitioning to the new company, and assisting in training new outsourced IT staff


Our Solution

Align utilized its PMO expertise and Subject Matter Experts to plan and manage the migration and developed the initial migration strategy to present alongside the partner. Upon approval, and working closely with the partner, consultant and client, the Align team completed the audit and discovery phase and moved forward with its detailed project migration plan.

In order to test the intricate planning and deployment scenario, two data center infrastructure migration simulations were performed. The test migrations were successful, so Align built two additional simulations that included the headquarters move; data cleansing and a redundancy test were done for the entire data center, complete with documentation, prior to the final migration.

To ensure the project was optimally resourced, Align utilized key personnel to train the steady-state staff and was able to scale with additional resources for the actual data center migrations. Additionally, several key technologies from today’s leading technology firms, including EMC, VMware, Microsoft, IBM and Cisco, were used during the migration. Align was the supplier liaison managing each solution and its deployment within the data center, which further strengthened the client’s vendor relationships.

During the divestiture weekend, Align was responsible for leading the infrastructure migration. Although the handoff to Align was delayed, advanced preparations allowed Align to lead the migration to completion within the agreed upon timeline, and the application team was able to start their testing and data cleansing without any delays.


The Result

Following the divestiture, Align supported the new company for three weeks by assisting the resources with on-site support, end-user troubleshooting and providing updates in the daily status executive meetings.

The client, consultants and partners were very satisfied with the migration. The IT staff stated that the mock migrations provided confidence to the business and the director of infrastructure noted that, in addition to managing a successful project, Align acted as a model to their team, demonstrating how a professional services organization can manage a complex project to success.