Success Stories / Leading Financial Information Provider

financial_information.jpgAlign provided project management for aggressive migration schedule.

As part of a strategic outsourcing decision, a leading financial information provider faced the challenge of migrating their entire IT environment from eight data centers—which impacted 1,400 servers, four mainframes and hundreds of unique applications—to two data centers. Align was tasked with planning and coordinating the entire migration in a timely manner with a mandate to keep business disruption to an absolute minimum.


Our Solution

Align took a phased approach, beginning with migration design and planning. This initial phase began with a physical inventory of the IT environment. Align worked closely with the various stakeholders whose technology was being relocated, which included network, security, client/server, storage, midrange database, and mainframe disciplines.

The second phase involved the actual migration, which occurred over an aggressive four-month schedule of back-to-back weekends. Align served as lead project manager to implement the migration schedule, which required extensive coordination between business, application, network, data center, facilities, human resources, governance and risk management teams. The back-to-back migration waves included physical and virtual moves, testing, sign-off and post-move support. The Align custom web-based Migration Tracking Dashboard provided transparency across all levels to the client and partner teams.


The Result

In the third phase or post-migration phase, Align provided knowledge transfer and support, handing over a complete documentation package and providing training and support to the professionals managing IT at the new locations.

By managing this migration project in a phased approach, Align was able to offer 100 percent uptime with zero impact to the client’s business. The work Align completed saved the client over $700,000 annually.