Success Stories / Global Provider of Audit, Tax and Advisory Services

auditor.jpgAudit and Advisory Services Provider turns to Align to upgrade their data center, as part of environmental awareness initiative. 

As part of a corporate initiative, a global provider of audit, tax and advisory services set out to reduce and manage the impact their firm had on the environment with a mandate to make their offices more sustainable and energy efficient. As part of the initiative, they turned to Align to consolidate, relocate and upgrade their data center operations to a new more environmentally friendly facility on their corporate campus.

Our Solution

Align’s solution involved decommissioning legacy and power-intensive servers, consolidating two separate data centers into one, and deploying a new cogeneration energy system that generated combined heat and power for their mission-critical facilities.

Throughout the 15-month project, Align took the firm’s physical servers and made them part of a virtual environment. By moving a total of 2,200 hosts—1,400 physical and 800 virtual devices—and 200 applications, Align reduced the total number of servers needed in their data center. In conjunction with the data center migration, Align managed the infrastructure and application profiling. The development of dependency maps ensured a seamless physical and virtual server migration process for the company. Align also coordinating the physical movement of their entire infrastructure and server environment. Working in staged waves, Align’s team ran network patches, tested cables, and managed the migration waves to ensure 100% uptime.

The Result

The move to a more environmentally friendly data center helped to significantly reduce the firm’s power consumption and decrease their carbon footprint, while streamlining and improving day-to-day management of their technology infrastructure.