Success Stories / Global Pharmaceutical Client

global_pharmaceutical.jpegFollowing numerous company acquisitions, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies faced the challenge of consolidating thousands of servers and applications across their global data centers. 

Our Solution

Partnering with EMC, VCE, VMware and the company’s vendor network, Align led the planning and transition of the client’s infrastructure from their legacy environment to a virtual platform, using Vblock technology in their four core global data centers—all while minimizing risk for every affected business unit.

Align managed the application tabletops and infrastructure checkpoints and developed a communication strategy for senior-level program meetings that kept the transformation plan, detail migration schedules and implementation procedures visible to key stakeholders.

The Align migration methodology and experience provided the ability to:

  • Quickly map and bundle thousands of application instances.
  • Determine server sizing through formal capacity analysis and utilizing VMware Capacity Planner.
  • Build business-critical application architectures within a sandbox environment to minimize risk and ensure the least number of issues when going live in production.
  • Engage Microsoft and Oracle early in the process to avoid license issues, which are common in migrations.

Align engaged with key stakeholders within every business unit to validate legacy applications and infrastructure and to ensure a seamless transition into the new virtual platform. As the Vblock systems were brought online, Align led the implementation and testing of each service environment across the four data centers, ensuring the environments at each site were available to those business units.


The Result

The virtualization transformation initiative was the largest virtualization project ever completed by this client. Their business units have reported feedback of immediate application performance improvements from the dynamic resource monitoring and on-the-fly scalability that the Vblock platform provides.

As business units expand or contract, so will the computing, storage and network capacity, allowing for scalable performance and cost savings. Because the Vblock virtual platform empowers the pharmaceutical company’s business units to pay for only the technology resources that are needed, they are projecting savings of over $50 million in business technology costs.