Success Stories / Global Law Firm

law_firm.jpgAlign brought on to manage critical Migration and rollout for global law firm.

A global law firm required a company-wide migration to Windows 7 for its 1,500 users in 55 offices throughout the United States. The company’s goals were to improve user experience with desktops and laptops, and to reduce the support costs by consolidating user profiles. With nearly 30 different versions of legacy operating systems and applications across its offices, along with new software being readied for specific roles, the firm needed a concrete deployment and execution plan to ensure the update rolled out successfully.

In addition to geographic and technical challenges, the company needed to source new hardware that took advantage of Windows 7 resources. Align was brought in to manage a range of different technical and business groups – including Technical Design, Hardware and Image, User Training, End User, Company and Regional IT Support and Management – and to guarantee the on-time and on-budget delivery of this critical project.


Our Solution

An initial discovery process with key stakeholders was the foundation for building a project plan to tackle the firm’s near-term deployment of Windows 7 and the longer-term management of user support.

Following the initial discovery, the Align team kicked off the project by testing each image to ensure specific images were deployed with different roles within the firm. As the testing continued, Align began managing the schedules of the firm’s vendors, IT staff and business decision-makers across all 55 offices to ensure the update was deployed at the right time with the required support.

As the Windows 7 rollout began, Align worked closely with the in-house training team to provide an orientation session on the new systems.


The Result

Over the final five months of 2011, the Windows 7 project and rollout was completed on time and on budget. With standard images, the firm’s support team was able to quickly deploy new systems for new employees. Since all employees were now working from the same base operating system, the number of help desk requests dropped considerably. Users experienced the following benefits following the Windows 7 rollout:

  • Better performance on existing equipment
  • Nearly 100% compatibility with current hardware and software
  • Used significantly less resources when idle
  • Built-in performance tuning and adjustments
  • Faster boot, sleep and resume
  • Support for 64-bit processing and 4GB RAM and above, providing more response when using multiple applications at once

The Windows 7 deployment was viewed as one of the most successful projects completed, and Align continues working with the firm on other projects.