10,000 Sq. Ft. Data Center Transformation for a Global Investment Manager

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The Situation
Align’s Data Center Solutions team was engaged in providing facilities infrastructure designs on a large data center transformation project for a global investment manager. The overall transformation project involved a total technology refresh of all equipment and the transition from on-premise data centers to two redundant 3rd party provided purpose-built facilities.

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The Challenge
The project called for the design of two new 10,000 sq. ft. / 1.2MW facilities. Each space demanded capacity to house approximately 200 cabinets including core business workloads, customer-facing applications, mainframe requirements, new network, compute and storage delivery systems, along with new security and other network appliance kit.

The Solution
Align’s certified design experts teamed directly with the client and gathered critical information for the base infrastructure specifications including cabinet footprint counts, power distribution, cabling requirements and the timelines and budgets to procure, implement and test these solutions. All the relevant data was documented in our design drawings, schedules and one-line diagrams for our client to understand easily, modify and ultimately approve for the final design.

The Results
Align, contracted by the global investment manager, assumed the role of overall “IT General Contractor.” We procured all prerequisite materials and hired all subcontractors for the data center’s interior construction. We also provided full-time construction oversight and built project to the high design standards our client expected.  

Finally, Align arranged the rack/stack labor and the connectivity experts to accept, install, and prepare all new equipment for handoff to our client’s network and system engineers. The in-house teams could seamlessly layer configurations and begin testing the functionality of each device. We then worked with the in-house IT teams to ensure new equipment was prepared to accept the workload migrations shifted to the new facility.

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