Risk Mitigation

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“After a recent outage, we discovered a significant amount of our technology was out of support. Given our expected growth for the business, having Align assess our environment helped to quantify our licenses & technology allowing us to mitigate risk to our business and create a roadmap to a new data center."                                                                                                                           – CIO, Global Auction House

The Challenge

A global auction house experienced an outage that took down most of their corporate systems for two days. In the scramble to get up and running, they discovered out-of-support equipment throughout their environment – a major risk to the global growth they were forecasting. Adding to the fact that their data center was located inside of a converted industrial warehouse, with limited redundancy for power, WAN connectivity & cooling, they turned to Align to help lead a mitigation & migration program into a purpose-built facility. Finally, the migration activities had to occur the week between Christmas and New Year’s when the offices were closed globally. 

Our Solution

Align began the program by speaking with various stakeholders in order to assess the “current state” of the environment. This was a foundation for quantifying and assessing business risk. Areas we focused on included what were the physical devices in the existing data center? What were the applications and the infrastructure dependencies? This allowed us to provide a risk profile and model various “future-state” designs to help determine the capacities of their new data center and initiate conversations with various colocation providers. 

Align’s current state to future state modeling included:

  • Developing an application profile to identify each application’s functionality and infrastructure dependencies. This information transitioned into the migration planning and runbooks
  • Managing the future state of infrastructure to help develop and procure a new Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) network in the target site
  • Performing the design implementation and build-out of the data center white space
  • Cabinet layout
  • Power grid and low-voltage cable distribution
  • Procurement
  • Deploying and installing new equipment in preparation for the migration execution event

The Results

25% Reduction in Devices
150 Applications Migrated
60% Reduction in Data Center Footprint

The Align team spent four months managing the various work-streams, and successfully consolidated and migrated the client’s infrastructure on-time and on-budget.

Highlights included:

  • Auction house was in a secure data center with new facility and IT infrastructure
  • The data center was designed with growth capabilities
  • All information was documented in a central repository
  • Move, add and change requirements were accomplished without risk



“A well-planned Data Center Consolidation is one of the best ways to demonstrate IT’s positive impact on your company’s bottom line.” 
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