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A Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm's Successful Consolidation

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“By exiting the legacy data center in just under 18 months, we were able to drop $10 million in operational expenses.”                                                           – CIO, Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm

The Challenge

For 25 years this Financial Services firm had operated its on-premise data center located on two floors within its NYC headquarters. With a tech refresh planned and a lease renewal coming due for the data center space, senior management decided to implement a server migration program. This effort would impact 3,500 servers for both production & development environments – and the migrations would be both physical and virtual – as targeted applications would need to be re-platformed. Finally, the work could only be done on weekends to minimize any impact to the business.

Our Solution

We established a dedicated migration project team of specialists, including project managers, systems analysts and database analysts to perform the migrations. This dedicated project team was responsible for interfacing with the AppDev community to perform application inventories, map application dependencies and migrate the applications via platform adoption or physical server moves, including:

  • Application Inventory discovery and validation
  • Architecture & Inter-Dependency Mapping/Analysis
  • Budget Analysis
  • Application Prioritization
  • Redefined the migration process methodology, program structure and budget allocations
  • Migration planning, both overall design and execution
  • Integrate and leverage our server and application migration database tool to manage the migration with our client’s in-house inventory repositories
  • Coordination of all technology disciplines including the compute, network, storage, trucking, cabling and rack and stack teams
  • Initiated Application Retirement program, provided detailed program management for application retirements and underlying IT asset decommissions

The Results

$10M Savings of OpEx Spend
3,500 Servers Impacted
25% Reduction in IT Footprint
  • Early exit saved $10 million dollars annually in data center OpEx
  • Entire consolidation plan completed in under 18 months
  • Completed inventory of all IT assets and their functions now supported in a real-time data center management tool
  • Reduced the IT footprint
  • Leaner operations and a stronger focus on core business


“A well-planned Data Center Consolidation is one of the best ways to demonstrate IT’s positive impact on your company’s bottom line.” 

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