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Because next generation technology waits for no one

Overcoming IT Obstacles With Next Generation Technology

Emerging technology landscapes are constantly changing and, simultaneously, so too is the need to adapt in order to stay secure and stable in your IT environment. Often, demands are high, and the ability for your existing workforce to meet this uptick in demands with your current solutions are slim. Properly managing and updating your IT environment, as well as implementing new solutions, is essential to eliminate costly downtime and keep your business up and running.

Align’s trained and certified staff of IT architects, project managers and specialists provide the solutions that businesses need to keep control over their IT department—encompassing everything from hardware and other systems to hybrid configurations.

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Here's How it Works

Many businesses come to Align to migrate, update, and solve their IT issues. Whether it’s migrating applications, or designing and deploying virtual environments, all SNS projects are customized with your organization in mind.


computer analysis


Our expert engineers conduct an analysis of your current environment.


Design & Deploy

We design and and deploy a solution that leverages your current infrastructure (integrating next-gen technology seamlessly).

customer support

Ongoing Support

The option for professional services and ongoing support from our SNS team.

The Benefits of a SNS Deployment

We have versatility for project or time-based contracts, as well as scalable staffing options that work best for your business.

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  • Reduced operational and IT costs
  • Maximum data security from security experts and Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)
  • Minimized future costs
  • Networks that are built for growth
  • Simplified data management
  • Maximized utilization and improved efficiency
  • Increased agility and reliability with a cloud-based environment

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Why Professional Services

Align provides on-demand subject matter experts for all your IT needs. Whether you have growth, or need to downsize, you can always depend on our certified engineers to help you adapt and manage your infrastructure 24/7. This works well for:

Systems  Systems such as Cisco, EMC, Microsoft, and VMware.
Security  Enhanced security that enables you to snuff out any vulnerabilities in your current system.
IP Telephony – IP telephony that brings video, voice and data together.
Networks  Network configurations that ensure high performance for maximum bandwidth usage.
Storage  Storage capabilities to manage your high droves of data.
Virtualization – Lower costs and regulate your IT environment, while increasing efficiency, agility and reliability.
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Kelly L. Gargiulo - Director of Global Corporate Real Estate, Alvarez & Marsal Holdings, LLC
Kelly L. Gargiulo
Director of Global Corporate Real Estate, Alvarez & Marsal Holdings, LLC

“Having worked with Align at my previous company, I knew that I needed them as part of my team. They are more than a vendor, they are partners in helping us to get to a new vision of fitting out and delivering space. I could not perform my job successfully, without them at the table.”


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