Seeking CYBERsecurity INTELLIGENCE? 

It can be a struggle to keep pace in today's rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape. Recent cyber attacks, such as Equifax and Bad Rabbit ransomware, have demonstrated that the high stakes for organizations have escalated beyond ransom's fiscal impact. It has become evident that developing an information security and risk management strategy is vital to protecting an organization’s critical infrastructure. Moreover, a siloed approach to cybersecurity will not adequately protect a business from the multitude of emerging threats. 


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Our latest whitepaper, National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) Series, offers insight and best practices from cybersecurity subject matter experts. Our mission is to empower you with cyber threat and risk management intelligence, so you can enhance your security measures and make the most of today’s technology and resources.

Here's a sneak-peek of what's included in the article series:

  • 5 Key Elements of a Comprehensive Cyber Insurance Program for Registered Investment Advisers, Louis D’Agostino, Principal, Financial Services, Iron Cove Partners
  • Cybersecurity Compliance, John Araneo, General Counsel and Managing Director, Align Cybersecurity™
  • Securing Azure IaaS Resources, Chris Mihm, Director of Managed Cloud Services at Align

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Lisa Bresciani - Manager, Network Infrastructure — Russell Reynolds Associates
Lisa Bresciani
Manager, Network Infrastructure — Russell Reynolds Associates

"Align does a tremendous job of supporting our data center design and relocation needs. From opening and moving offices around the world and redesigning core data centers, to providing 24x365 monitoring of our critical services and infrastructure. Align’s reliability and dedication allows Russell Reynolds IT infrastructure organization to focus on new initiatives and technologies that will help drive business forward."