DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER: Evaluating Data Center Cabinet Power Density

The ROI of Increasing Cabinet Power Density in a 208V Environment

Is it truly efficient to densify data center cabinets?

Over the past few years, a trend has emerged in which IT equipment has continued to move towards increased power packaged in decreasing sizes. A similar tendency has emerged in data center design, using less and less white space while simultaneously packing cabinets to capacity. We often see 48U+ cabinets delivered to data centers by the dozens, stacked high with powerful 1U servers. What is the driving force behind this?

Our whitepaper, Data Center Cabinet Density, offers insight into the significant cost impact of supporting hyper-dense cabinets, and why it may be more cost efficient to maintain a low to medium average density. 

In this resource, you'll learn about:

  • High Density vs Low Density
  • Space Efficiency
  • Power Distribution

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Lisa Bresciani - Manager, Network Infrastructure — Russell Reynolds Associates
Lisa Bresciani
Manager, Network Infrastructure — Russell Reynolds Associates

"Align does a tremendous job of supporting our data center design and relocation needs. From opening and moving offices around the world and redesigning core data centers, to providing 24x365 monitoring of our critical services and infrastructure. Align’s reliability and dedication allows Russell Reynolds IT infrastructure organization to focus on new initiatives and technologies that will help drive business forward."