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    Three Mistakes that can Derail your Cybersecurity Program Before it Begins

     Cybersecurity continues to be a top-of-mind concern for companies in the wake of severe data breaches and evolving regulatory standards. To arm their workforce and deter potential cyber-attacks, many companies are implementing internal cybersecurity programs, often supported by external cybersecurity experts, to reinforce high security standards and empower their employees to thwart potential attacks from common vectors. Effective security is more than just the decision to implement a program, however; it takes a concerted effort and a cultural shift to completely change how your company understands cybersecurity and how seriously your employees internalize new security standards. Without the proper level of buy-in, your company’s program can be derailed before it even begins. Here are a few common pitfalls to avoid for companies looking to commit to outstanding cybersecurity for the long haul.