Data Center Migration Tools

Physical Inventory

Our Data Center Inventory tool (DCI) assembles all your physical IT assets and itemizes them within your data center environment. Through a proprietary network using a field hub, notebooks, tablets and iPads, our Bluetooth barcode scanners collect data in real-time to collect valuable data elements.

This includes:

  • Asset tag
  • Cabinet, device U-height, and rack U-size/height
  • Cabling connectivity types (copper/fiber)
  • Device grid locations
  • Manufacturer and model number
  • Power connections
  • Serial number (if available)
  • Server interfaces

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Logical Discovery/Client Portal – Powered by ServiceNow

With our one-of-a-kind software platform, you can appropriately plan and manage IT change and transformation events. This provides IT professionals with visibility on the information needed to make strategic business decisions – all while mitigating the risk of corporate changes.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved IT reliability and SLAs
  • Lower headcount and automated processes
  • Minimized liability and risk reduction
  • Reduced impact and costs associated with IT change

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Application Server Migration Tool

At Align, we’ve built our own software to handle and manage complex migrations because none existed that had the functionality we needed before. We’ve established this Application Server Migration Tool (ASMT) to facilitate the requirements for a successful migration based on your business’s needs.

The benefits include:

  • Holistic reports on strategic and tactical views highlighting critical dependencies
  • Instant team efficiency with one click
  • Visibility into project status for all key stakeholders and executives

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