Migration Planning

A customized plan for all aspects of your project

Your Project – Defined

The migration planning phase is when we understand all the application dispositions. How will the applications migrate? There are various methodologies, depending on the overall data center strategy. We detail each migration wave by bundling the appropriate applications, infrastructure and support requirements needed to move to the target destination. The target can be a public and private cloud, colocation or managed service. We define the dispositions as V2V, P2V, P2P and lift and shift. Creating the migration plan allows us to:

  • Mitigate risk and minimize any downtime
  • Custom asset bundles based on business dependencies
  • Create a device shutdown and startup schedule for every migration event
  • A playbook for migration team members
  • Real-time risk analysis and updates as the project progresses

We make sure stakeholders and decision makers have a pulse on the project status at all times, which guarantees a smooth migration that’s on time – every time.


In addition to a migration strategy, all of your team members receive a personalized playbook that simplifies the current and future-state system design requirements, hour-by-hour timings, risk register, contacts, and more. The strategy and playbook work in tandem to keep everyone informed for the length of the migration.

Align has almost three decades of experience migrating company infrastructures and data centers – our tried and true approach ensures all risks are minimized, and your business’s specific needs are directly addressed. As a result, all of our playbooks are created ad hoc for you and your team, every time.

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