Future State Design

Fit business needs for today and tomorrow

At Align, our certified infrastructure architects develop a set of scalable, reliable and efficient Future State Design options fit for your business. Once we discover and validate your current state design, evaluate your requirements and pair best practices with the latest technology to design a smarter, more scalable data center for your company.

We incorporate both business needs and stakeholder interests in developing a Future State Design to support your applications, workloads and business as a whole.

Our goal is to make your future environment as flexible as possible so you can continue to grow your business, have the supporting infrastructure and remain strategic without limitations.

There are key benefits to going with Align for data center services


Systems  Align builds a comprehensive strategy for a scalable data center that meets current and future requirements. This strategy includes everything from configuration management to day-to-day server operations.


Virtualization – Our infrastructure architects create a virtual IT plan that incorporates a private cloud to increase your company’s data security, agility, and efficiency.


Storage – Align simplifies data management and increases efficiency for your business by using innovative software-based storage solutions and the latest in scalable technology.


Network and Security – Our trained infrastructure teams design secure networks that grow with companies. We employ traditional and next-generation techniques to ensure your information is safe throughout your entire data center.

Lisa Bresciani - Manager, Network Infrastructure — Russell Reynolds Associates
Lisa Bresciani
Manager, Network Infrastructure — Russell Reynolds Associates

"Align does a tremendous job of supporting our data center design and relocation needs. From opening and moving offices around the world and redesigning core data centers, to providing 24x365 monitoring of our critical services and infrastructure. Align’s reliability and dedication allows Russell Reynolds IT infrastructure organization to focus on new initiatives and technologies that will help drive business forward."

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