Success Stories / Global Provider of Cloud Computing and Enterprise Applications

The Align team successfully designs and delivers 10,000 square feet of next-generation data center space to support a cloud provider’s unprecedented global growth.

The Challenge

A top innovator in cloud computing and enterprise applications recognized that their existing data centers were quickly reaching capacity. To help manage this growth, Align was tasked with building a new data center in Japan to serve their expanding Asia-Pacific business.

To maintain corporate build standards, the new Japanese data center was required to use parts sourced from the United States, which introduced new risks into the project such as extended delivery times, customs clearances and potential shipping damage. Additionally, the company had a clean energy policy and the data center design needed to use power and other resources efficiently.

Our Solution

During the initial engagement, Align engaged in an extensive IT discovery—getting to know how the company worked and how limitations in their existing data centers impacted service levels and productivity. From this assessment, Align worked with all levels of the organization to develop an efficient design that reduced the footprint of the data center significantly. The new Japanese facility would be half the size of the existing facility in the Mid-west region of the United States, yet be able to handle the same level of activity using less equipment, power and cabling infrastructure.

The Japanese facility incorporated a modular build approach where half the site was fully built out, while the other half was prepped. This helped offset build costs, gave greater flexibility for future space requirements, reduced cabling distances and introduced more efficient power solutions.

The Result

Building the data center to Japan’s stringent seismic requirements proved beneficial as a magnitude 9.0 earthquake occurred midway through the project. Just days after the earthquake hit, Align was already back at work. Within a matter of weeks, Align received all supplies and completed the data center installation as originally scheduled. Align’s hands-on approach meant schedule interruptions were kept to a minimum and Align was able to deliver the project on time and on budget.

As a result of this work, Align was contracted as the exclusive design firm to handle the company’s data centers design and build of over 75,000 square feet of data center space. Align’s modular build approach supports the firm’s rapidly growing and changing IT environment.