Align Managed Services enables Russell Reynolds to maximize its IT budget, increase efficiencies and mitigate risk.

The Challenge

Russell Reynolds, an executive-level recruiting firm with nearly 50 offices worldwide, is supported by three large data centers. The nature of its business is such that even a momentary lapse in business continuity due to unplanned IT outages would have costly and catastrophic effects. Recognizing the need for a high-quality IT solutions provider, Russell Reynolds turned to Align to help them mitigate their business risks associated with downtime, and reduce the costs of 24/7 internal support. More specifically, they asked Align to improve its monitoring and reporting technologies, maintain optimal performance across technology platforms and perform routine maintenance.

Our Solution

Through active network and security monitoring, Align catches small problems before they spin out of control. Align took proactive steps to protect Russell Reynolds’ network against unnecessary risks by completing an inventory of every mission-critical device in the three data centers and 50 offices; setting threshold levels for every performance metric to generate alerts before the infrastructure became taxed; and installing firewalls behind the company’s network to enable network security monitoring. Align also provided detailed technical and operational reports that gave an encrypted snapshot of the system, environment, network and trending information.

The Result

Align was able to offer Russell Reynolds a 24/7 year-round proactive monitoring package that reduced the risk of unplanned outages and loss of business continuity to almost zero. By outsourcing to Align, they were able to take advantage of the latest technology and tools at a fraction of the cost, and their staff could focus on internal priorities.

“Our internal IT staff can now focus on productive projects rather than ongoing maintenance and support. Utilizing a managed services provider allows us to better identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve user efficiency and eliminate the additional expense associated with maintaining diverse systems.”

—Director for Global Operations, Russell Reynolds