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How businesses use technology is constantly changing and advancing. Employees are no longer working from a central office or campus. Data is no longer confined to central data centers. Technology is dictated by users, not IT. Private and public cloud solutions are leveraged to gain efficiencies and economic benefits.

As technology changes, managing your organization’s risk and compliance becomes more challenging. Developing applicable policies and processes in addition to a proper incidence response plan is critical to a successful security program and governance solution. This starts with understanding your current security posture to develop a roadmap for your security program.

Align Six Pillars of SecurityAlign Six Pillars of Security

Align takes a holistic approach to managing technology risk and security. Using the “Align Six Pillars of Security” approach, we work with best-of-breed security solutions in conjunction with expert implementation and advisory services to help our clients build and enhance a comprehensive security program.

Core Infrastructure Network

Putting the right defense in place for in-depth controls is your first line of defense for comprehensive visibility and protection of your network traffic based on users, content and applications.

Endpoint Control

With the growth of BYOD and mobility, understanding “normal” behavior of all endpoint devices accessing your systems is key to identifying potential Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and Indicators of Attack (IOAs).

Identity and Access Management

Identity is more than user accounts. Manage users’ and administrators’ access to the right assets, at the right time and have visibility into what users are doing.

Data Protection

Your data is your most important asset. Protection of this asset from corruption and exfiltration by malicious or accidental behavior is key to protecting your information, your reputation and your brand, in addition to meeting regulatory compliance.

Application Security

As part of your plan to properly protect sensitive information, it is imperative to secure your applications and databases that contain your data. This requires finding and remediating vulnerabilities within your applications (both local and web), managing database access and utilizing Secure Development Life Cycle (SDLC) practices.

Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Be aware of network and system vulnerabilities to protect against evolving threats. Identify and remediate intrusions to your environment and streamline your incident response controls.