News / What Will the Data Center of the Future Look Like?

August 10, 2016

According to author and management expert, Peter Drucker, “The only way to predict the future is to create it.” The collective minds of Align, Digital Realty and Commscope are innovating today’s technology to imagine the data center of the future. Recently, Align’s Tom Weber, Digital Realty’s William Bradley, and Commscope’s Kamlesh Patel shared a panel and their predictions.

Watch the full panel for the detailed insights and vision!

What is directing the evolution of the data center?

It’s an “explosion of data.” Driven by online transactions and cloud demands and underpinned by the continuation of mobility and the Internet of Things, the staggering amount of data generated in the near future will require proportional computing, storage and bandwidth—all of which must be accommodated in the data center to meet sharply increasing user expectations and business needs.

How will the data center adapt to the business requirements of the future?

As data and online services continue to grow, companies will need the fastest exchange of information achievable to keep up. The “internet hub” concept will take today’s data center campuses and create even more interconnection and traffic flows. Highly connected campuses will align companies to their partners and service providers, using hybrid cloud services and hardwire connections to improve flexibility, performance and speed.

Even the location of the future data center will change. Video will become the preferred content and users will expect high-definition without delay. The concept of “edge data centers” will add new facilities to smaller markets to cut down on video-affecting latency. And as the internet creates a more globally connected world, companies will take advantage by moving into new markets—they’ll need data centers in new places to do so.

Speed and agility won’t only apply to data center performance either. As companies aim to make hairpin business turns and quickly move into markets across the globe, they’ll need a prompt and consistent deployment from their trusted partners. Even now, hitting the fast-paced finish dates is an integral requirement for companies to be first-to-market and gain revenue. (See how Align built data centers in China for a leading transportation network company in weeks.)

What are you doing to create the future?