Can you afford to have your technology infrastructure go down?

Keeping your technology infrastructure secure and fully accessible can be challenging if you can’t afford a dedicated full-time IT staff to proactively and reactively monitor and maintain every device and application around the clock. With Align as your IT Operations partner, you enjoy a cost-effective, 24/7 year-round solution to predictively monitor, manage and troubleshoot your technology infrastructure.Modeled after the IT operational best practices of Fortune 500 organizations, our team of trained and certified engineers perform the nightly, weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks required to maintain high-performance, optimized and protected systems and networks – at a fraction of the cost of using internal resources.

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Why Align for your IT Operations needs?

  • 24/7 year-round solution ensures nearly 100 percent uptime and security of your technology infrastructure
  • Real-time and comprehensive view into your operations provides full transparency to your IT team
  • Outsourcing your IT operations to Align frees your internal staff to focus on more strategic projects
  • Proactive monitoring ensures problems are addressed before they impact network and infrastructure health
  • Cost-effective, predictable monthly fee structure for easier budgeting