"The steps you take today will
help you in the future."

Your business relies on technology to gain a competitive advantage — mobile computing, virtualization and cloud computing are driving the need for data centers with more power, efficient cooling and higher speed connectivity.

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Arthur Dooling
Assessments, Moves, Migrations

Arthur is responsible for helping clients with their data center migration and move needs. He brings over 20 years of experience leading large‐scale data center relocations and specializes in the design of data center infrastructure, as well as the technical design of voice and market data systems.

Arthur’s deep technical knowledge and understanding of all IT disciplines are the cornerstones to his success as a project liaison between the technical team and the client. Ensuring that timelines are met, risks are minimized and clients’ concerns about outages are addressed are his top priorities.

The Align Data Center Story

Over the past 10 years, there has been a big shift in where data centers are built. Traditionally, a company would buy an office space, a floor or several floors and carve out an area to build a data center internal to the premise. The reason data centers were located in the same office buildings where the business resided was so the data center could become tangible and support could be provided immediately.

But after 9/11, data centers began moving out of on-premise locations due to security reasons. Now they are moving to cheaper locations because the latency is not as big of an impact. Technology and the speed of the technology is getting faster, so data centers don’t need to be in companies’ backyards in order for them to access the information.

Adding Value with Align

In order to properly operate a data center today, you need a lot of expertise, such as how to test generators and how to make sure your UPS is functioning properly so your uptime is increased. Service providers like Align are able to deliver this type of knowledge and know-how. The biggest responsibility we have when relocating or building a data center is to help you understand that the steps you take today will help you in the future.

Align was born and raised in the physical layer. We understand the technology in the data center. Our discovery tools allow us to see what is running on the equipment and to be able to understand what applications are residing in the data center.

We extract the application information from your current environment, combine it with best practices and current technologies and put together a design that will keep you in business in that data center for the next 10 or 20 years. Then we provide managed services to support ongoing maintenance, monitoring and operations of the data center.

The Align Advantage

Our design and advisory team works with you so that if you can't go virtual right away, we will develop a road map that will set you up to make that transition in the future — and have it be cost-effective — when it happens five or seven years down the road.

Align is unique — we provide all of these solutions as a single services provider. Each of these solutions stand on their own, but if you want to come to one company and get the full service of data center solutions provided to you, Align is the answer.