Inventory and Audit

The most important step of being data center strategic and IT savvy is determining your current state.

Completing an inventory of your physical hardware and conducting a logical discovery scan of your technology will give you and your team insight into your environment so you can make smart, cost-effective business decisions.


Ask an Expert

Art Dooling
Application and Workload Migrations

Art is responsible for helping clients with their data center migration and move needs. He brings over 20 years of experience leading large-scale data center relocations and specializes in the design of data center infrastructure, as well as the technical design of voice and market data systems.

Art’s deep technical knowledge and understanding of all IT disciplines are the cornerstones of his success as a project liaison between the technical team and the client. Ensuring that timelines are met, risks are minimized and clients’ concerns about outages are addressed are his top priorities.

Why Align

[Art Dooling, Application and Workload Migrations]

"One of the obstacles I think that prevents our clients from really doing their true current-state environment and understanding exactly what they have is sometimes fear. I think that clients are a little nervous that if they allow a company like Align to come in and really take a look at their current state, that something will be exposed that they didn't have a grip on. Change happens. And you know personnel change happens. And mergers happen. And equipment comes in from left field, right field on different repositories, etcetera.

So people shouldn't think that they don't have a grip on it. There's no way they could have a grip on it. And I think the norm is that people really don't know what they have. So there are a lot of things that can happen straight away by doing a physical inventory and a physical audit of an environment because we'll go in there and we'll see things that are turned off. We'll see things that potentially an SA [Systems Administrator] has shut down and turned amber that's still running, that still has power to it, that still has connectivity to it."

[Bryan Singer, Application and Workload Migrations]

"We utilize the best in breed in terms of logical discovery tools. And these are lightweight tools, agentless tools, with minimal intrusion to their environment or load to their environment to be able to inventory the full population of virtual machines, as well as a list of software that resides on these machines.

Based off the port or protocol, we can actually figure out what application is talking to what, so that we can actually develop bundles of applications or infrastructure that need to be paired together."

[Art Dooling, Application and Workload Migrations]

"So the visibility of now really, truly seeing your infrastructure from an application layer all the way down to the physical layer is just a fantastic advantage because then people can see how everything really does function and work in their environment. And then from there, the client can be strategic.

Anything that they want to do in the future, whether it be new deployments, whether it be doing a new data center migration, they have the information right there to build out any sort of future design that they want."

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