We encourage our team to give back, and we support numerous charities and community organizations, including Muscular Dystrophy Association, Special Olympics New York, March of Dimes, Toys for Tots, Community Word Project, Diabetes Research Institute Foundation and many others.


Align has taken steps to implement environmentally aware policies. In the U.S. we encourage the use of mass transit by offering a commuter benefits program through TransitChek, offering tax benefits for our professionals who use mass transit. Our London office is a short walk from local train stations and bus stops. The use of mass transit saves the U.S. 1.4 billion gallons of gasoline per day and produces 95 percent less carbon monoxide and about half as much carbon dioxide per passenger mile as private vehicles.


In our corporate offices we have replaced bottled water with an environmentally friendly water filtration system. We purchase office supplies and consumables made from recycled elements and have installed motion detectors to automatically turn off lights.

Power Conservation and Recycling

We have implemented power conservation efforts in our data centers. Power consumption is a key consideration for every piece of hardware we evaluate or purchase. We follow the stringent recycling requirements of New York City, with recycling containers located throughout our offices, for the collection of recyclable materials.

eWaste Disposal

We have made arrangements to properly dispose of electronic waste including monitors, servers, cables and fluorescent lightbulbs.